Brastorne – mAgri

Connecting the Unconnected!


  • Agriculture

Acceleration Type

  • Orange Fab


  • Botswana

Brastorne has developed a platform that gives users access to online applications through USSD technology, enabling simple phones to function as low-cost smartphones. No need for a data connection, client software or SMS subscription; anyone can access advanced apps such as email, chat, Wikipedia, news and marketplaces from anywhere and at any time.

Moreover, because agriculture is essential for poorer communities, this platform offers specific mAgri functionality for accessing agricultural information (advice, health book for animals, training opportunities, alerts, commodity prices and weather warnings), markets and short-term financing. It also enables users to sell products and services throughout the country as well as update their profile and run an online business.

Brastorne’s USSD platform has created the perfect harmonisation between social good and profitability. The platform has performed well in Botswana generating over 500,000 users who have tried the service and is currently in the process of internalization into additional African markets.


Types of support

Brastorne took part in Women Start season led by Orange Fab France in 2018.