The first Wi-Fi connectivity marketplace that enables you to trade your excess network capacity


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BandwidthX is a Cloud-based virtual trading platform where mobile operators and internet service providers can share their unused capacity on a regular basis. As data usage continues to grow, BandwidthX offers an alternative solution to the infrastructure expansion needed for denser mobile coverage.

The platform allows network service providers to generate revenue from their unused network capacities. Operators on the other hand gain access to more data capacity to ensure higher-quality connectivity and a better user experience for their customers at a lower cost. It’s a win-win solution!

Types of support

Orange Digital Venture : Orange is keeping a close eye on capacity-sharing possibilities between mobile operators as it seeks to meet the demand for high-speed connectivity. Sharing technologies will be an important part of 5G. The Group hopes to use the virtual platform designed by BandwidthX to provide broader network coverage. Orange and BandwidthX’s partnership encourages new forms of mobile connectivity, including connecting across network ownership boundaries. ODV participated in one round of fundraising for the start-up in 2015.