Bandim Online

Offer fresh and seasonal produce online while connecting local producers and consumers.


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  • Guinea-Bissau

Bandim Online is a marketplace where local and international businesses and consumers can buy fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, fish…) and crafts, wholesale or retail, from farmers and artisans in Guinea Bissau in 1 click from their smartphones.

This e-commerce site has many benefits for both producers and consumers:

  • High quality nutrition for better health by helping consumers access seasonal produce.
  • Fair and equitable pricing through minimising the number of intermediaries
  • Sustainable employment for producers while enhancing their business know-how and ability to organise themselves into cooperatives to develop conservation, transformation and e-commerce solutions.
  • Promotion of legal and regulated employment.
  • Sales, deliveries and online payments all compliant with regulation.

The start-up also offers a delivery service adapted to its personal or professional customers, both nationally and internationally.

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Bandim Online won the national competition to represent Guinea Bissau in the 2017 Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.