Discover all the start-ups that have benefited from one or more Orange programmes.

Success Stories : Start-ups take centre stage​

At the head of young start-ups, these entrepreneurs from around the world present their company and share their experiences within one of Orange’s support programmes.

  1. Guides users to the nearest parking spot and maximises operational efficiency for parking managers

  2. A key solution for supporting the development of e-commerce in Africa

  3. Orange's Clé PC will enable users to access a PC from anywhere

  4. Real-time, cloud-based tank monitoring system and analytics platform which enables customers to monitor their liquid tanks

  5. Designs, produces and implements video sensing solutions for industry 4.0, with an exclusive focus on process manufacturing.

  6. "Phyt'Eau" combines IoT and Agriculture for real time simulation of crop’s water requirement and prediction of irrigation doses

  7. Monetises and easily distributes services in Africa

  8. Monetises and easily distributes services in Africa

  9. Manage and optimize your assets & services through Adeunis connected solutions

  10. High-performance autonomous hybrid energy solutions to reduce the costs of your sites not connected to the grid

  11. Connecting farmers in Guinea with end consumers

  12. Leverage the power of paper to develop children’s creativity

  13. Clean and sustainable energy in rural areas of West Africa

  14. Solar electricity within reach of everyone

  15. Helping students better understand and retain school lessons

  16. An information service designed for pastoralists, by pastoralists

  17. Develop a network of modern and connected dry toilets