Discover all the start-ups that have benefited from one or more Orange programmes.

  1. Everyday, we guide HealthCare Facilities in their Digital Transformation

  2. Flit Ride aims to disrupt the ride-hailing industry by introducing a peer-topeer African marketplace connecting riders to existing taxi drivers. Using the Flit Ride mobile app and pressing […]

  3. In Cameroon, an average of 22,000 babies die after birth. Premature babies represent 35% of these (World Bank). For more than 5000 medical units, there are less than […]

  4. J-Palm Liberia manages and operates mini oil palm mills in partnership with rural communities. JPL proposes to use its machines to process palm oil. Its machines reduce processing […]

  5. Facilitate the recruitment of technicians and manual workers in the Arab world through a networking platform.

  6. Training young people in coding while recycling old computers.

  7. Helping young people complete their education through online courses and resources in Burkina Faso.

  8. Helping Malagasy students to attain their bac through an application providing online courses.

  9. Improving waste collection in Liberia through a digital platform

  10. An online information portal offering a multitude of daily services in the Central African Republic.

  11. Social manufacturing company creating jobs in the textile industry for low-income women in Jordan.

  12. Improving epidemic management and health monitoring for patients in Africa

  13. Fighting against school dropout for young people in Guinea-Conakry by promoting part-time work.

  14. Establish a family-run poultry breeding and sales network in Guinea-Bissau.

  15. Reduce your electricity consumption while keeping the same level of comfort at home.

  16. Health at your fingertips: an app to facilitate access to pharmacies and health services.

  17. Cash register, management and marketing software in a single app

  18. A social enterprise offering training and employment in leather goods to people with disabilities otherwise reduced to begging.

  19. A digital platform that offers various solutions for individual and collective transport

  20. Identifying, training and integrating high-calibre software engineers and data scientists from North Africa.

  21. A domestic biomass solution using recycled cow-dung.

  22. Secure digital health passport to improve patient management and care.

  23. Optimising the collection, sorting and recycling of waste through a digital platform.

  24. Contributing to education by offering young people a large selection of books and text books accessible online and via a mobile phone.