Discover all the start-ups that have benefited from one or more Orange programmes.

  1. A smart box that eliminates packaging waste and rewards people and companies

  2. Making “cloud native” technologies accessible to all businesses.

  3. New technologies supporting the homeless and refugees.

  4. Accessibility forms to make products and services more accessible for people with disabilities.

  5. A hub that enables businesses to collect information from their connected objects and devices.

  6. Electric scooter rental stations to improve urban traffic flow.

  7. The first app to identify and find an item of clothing from a photo.

  8. Smart digital travel assistant that generates and optimises travel itineraries.

  9. A connected security device enabling invisible GPS tracking for bikes.

  10. The first savings marketplace in Europe and one-stop shop for investment products.

  11. Bringing electricity, the internet and financial services to rural communities in Benin and Burkina Faso.

  12. Global environmental monitoring network to keep track of weather data and pollution.

  13. An instant messaging and calling app that ensures total privacy.

  14. The first public blockchain without cryptocurrency dedicated to B2B.

  15. A standard management platform for manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

  16. Accessible ebooks for people with disabilities.

  17. A collaborative service that connects passionate amateur chefs and foodies

  18. Offer new augmented reality sports experiences that everyone wants to play.

  19. Developing creative solutions for mixed reality AI systems.

  20. How gratitude can reveal the strengths of peers in business.

  21. Continuous glucose or lactate monitoring to improve the lives of diabetics and athletes.

  22. Wi-Fi infrastructure that removes 90% of cables without compromising signal quality.