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Every start-up is unique. Discover the companies that our incubators, accelerators or investment funds have helped to develop.

  1. The air we breathe has a direct impact on our health. We make it visible.

  2. Crowdfunding for agriculture and produce

  3. Technology for recycling plastic waste

  4. A start-up attending SiDo with Orange (April 2018)

  5. A recycling project to mobilise young people and educate the population of Monrovia

  6. Monitoring employee productivity to boost responsibility and facilitate HR management

  7. A solution allowing expatriates to cover the medical expenses of their loved ones back home

  8. An innovative way for the Senegalese diaspora to transfer money back home

  9. An online sales platform to promote bus transport in Mali

  10. Improving the management and communication of university schedules

  11. An innovative mobile banking solution for Malian farmers

  12. Improving the quality of livestock management in Botswana

  13. Helping Botswanan children succeed in their chosen careers

  14. Ensuring personal and reliable medical follow-up in Guinea

  15. Fostering financial inclusion by digitising traditional practices

  16. Promoting educational and professional inclusion for people with special needs

  17. A fairer e-commerce platform dedicated to African crafts