With Textolife, Orange lets you capture instant conversations

Are you a fan of emojis and messaging? With the Orange Cloud and Textolife, you can now keep a record of your instant messages and share them with your friends and family.

As the first commercial partner of start-up Textolife, the Orange Cloud has been offering this service to its customers since July 2016.

An idea thought up by Yasmine Bahri-Domon in 2013, the solution collects and brings to life instant messages sent by SMS, MMS, WhatsApp or Messenger in the form of a personalized printed book or a PDF document.

The founder’s objective? To become the market leader in saving virtual conversations and to extend this service to professionals.

To create a book with Textolife, users register on the website and then download the app directly to their smartphone. The simple, quick process is completed in 4 steps: import the desired contact, select the conversation or fragments, customize the presentation, and choose the save format. To create their high-quality book, customers can choose between several different graphic themes. The minimum price for a 70-page printed book is €15.50, and for a PDF file it is €3.90.

Orange customers receive a 15% discount and the option to back up the book on the cloud. Products are delivered within 7 days of the order.

In September 2016, Textolife joined the Orange Fab France accelerator. This was an opportunity for the fledgling company to take advantage of the support available in order to increase awareness of its brand and open up to the international market.

“This will allow us to develop our business and benefit from Orange’s network of international partners”, declared a delighted Yasmine Bahri-Domon.

Discover Textolife (opens in a new window) and other start-ups on the Lab Orange during Viva Technology 2017 (opens in a new window).

From June 15th to June 17th on the Lab Orange M07.