Social innovation against medical deserts

In order to ensure that even isolated regions have the right to health care, start-up MedTrucks, an Orange partner, wants to send medical trucks to meet patients.

MedTrucks’ ambition: to provide care as close as possible to isolated patients, in order to minimize medical deserts.

The very young start-up has devised mobile care units that gave the company its name: “MedTrucks”, short for medical trucks. These medical trucks will be converted and equipped according to their purpose: medical imaging, mobile pharmacy, dialysis units, and so on.

The start-up has also developed a collaborative mapping platform that will be used to locate patients, but also reactively to find care facilities. MedTrucks’ expertise in this field will also be mobilized to calculate the best route for the mobile units. In addition, the trucks will be connected, geolocated and tracked in real time, to optimize fleet management.

In order to test its concept in a real-life situation, MedTrucks launched a pilot project in Morocco.

In this country, one third of patients with renal impairment cannot access treatment. The first “mobile dialysis” truck is expected to be deployed in early 2018.

With six beds, this first MedTruck will be able to treat 36 patients per week – renal impairment requires a consultation every three days – in any given area.


MedTrucks was awarded the 1st Orange Social Venture Prize. Following this distinction, the young company has forged technological partnerships with the Group, focusing on connectivity, security and health data hosting. Orange technology will allow it to further develop its solution, assisted by Orange experts, in order to fulfill its ambition: to  fight against medical deserts on all continents.


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