Coding Days: a revolution in coding!

Code name: Coding Days. This start-up helps everyone to better understand the world of coding and to learn the basics through weekend training sessions open to all. We wanted to find out more from one of its co-founders, Alexandre.

So with Coding Days, can anyone learn how to code eventually?

A. Z.: That’s the aim! We offer short classroom training sessions to introduce the concept of web development. Classes take place at the weekend, so that anyone can attend. Let us be clear: we are not looking to train developers, but to open up coding to the masses, to raise awareness of it and to make it accessible within all business lines, as well as for individuals.

Which training principles do you focus on to remove the drama from access to coding?

A. Z.: We train our mentors to use the Montessori method, so that they can pass on their technical knowledge with empathy and passion.

Alexandre Zana, co-founder and CEO Graduate of Normandy Business School, web development agency.

You specialise in working with the general public, but is it true that you also work with professionals?

A. Z.: Exactly; the high level of satisfaction among our general public customer base has led us to gradually develop a B2B offer aimed at professionals. We now have customised B2B offers for companies and business and communication schools. The B2B training we offer is designed to provide a better understanding of the developers with whom we work, as well as better negotiation of web development contracts. We encourage collaboration between technical teams and operational teams.

Let’s go back to the beginning. When was Coding Days established?

A. Z.: We began our work with the first Coding Days weekends in May 2016. The start-up was officially launched on 17/03/17. Alexandre Zana and I are now full-time employees. We rely on a community of freelance mentors who regularly take on the assignments we offer them (weekends, B2B contracts).

In what ways is your approach innovative?

A. Z.: We establish dialogue between communities that do not normally meet; they don’t even speak the same language! We train everyone in “geek” vocabulary in the classroom. We offer immersive practical courses thanks to the Montessori teaching method. We are considerate and empathetic experts, and we are capable of working with anyone.

How do you position yourself in relation to the competition?

A. Z.: We differentiate ourselves from MOOCs with our “classroom” approach, rather than online, and our considerate training methods. If 90% of MOOCs are left unfinished, it’s because they aren’t suited to everyone! We believe that the coding training on offer must be diversified if we want to reach the entire population and open up the training to the masses everywhere: for young people, not-so-young people, professionals and private individuals. Our training is provided in short sessions. Coding Days is the gateway to the world of web development. There is no selective entry, the training sessions are held regularly and are open to all.

What are your major challenges now and in the near future?

A. Z.: We are currently established in Paris and London, and we are expanding throughout France. Our challenge over the coming months is to successfully grow within mainland France and to broaden our B2B catalogue.

What do you expect to achieve from your collaboration with Orange?

A. Z.: This is a real opportunity for us to test ourselves alongside a large Group which is always looking to innovate and has a focus on digital transformation.

And what in particular do you expect to achieve from your collaboration with Orange Fab France?

A. Z.: Above all, Orange Fab France (opens in a new window) is a considerate community where we feel at ease. We want to provide expertise in return for that of our mentors, within this privileged context of exchange and sharing. It gives us the chance to carry out collaborative tests in a secure environment before being thrown in at the testing deep end. When you are a start-up, full of ideas but still very small, you have to remain humble and learn from your mistakes to grow. Orange Fab France is a secure environment for undertaking and negotiating contracts.