Start-up Stories

Orange introduces Start-up Stories, a short series released on M6 that shines the spotlight on individual start-uppers who are helping the world to progress.

Find Start-up Stories back on M6 on September 2 to rewatch series 1 and 2, and then discover 4 new entrepreneurs.

Every day Start-up Stories turn the spotlight on individuals who’ve created their own start-ups from scratch. They’ll share their stories, from the moment they had the idea through to the launch, as well as their vision and hopes for the future with one thing in common: their passion to help the world progress.

As a company who is always looking to support and highlight the most promising start-ups, it was an obvious choice for Orange to sponsor this series.

The season 3 of the M6 series Start-up Stories

Phenix: giving products a second life.

Vendredi: every day matters.

Isahit: the first platform for outsourcing socially-responsible digital tasks.

Thea: the app that offers free access to a doctor.

Ezzayra Solutions : technology is not a luxury; it’s a strategic choice.

Toufoula kids: connect kids to their real environnement through mixing digital an physical support.

Libheros: heroes of home care.

The Trust Society: a platform for responsible shopping

Bizness (Jump): N°1 of New Generation Training

Mobidys: accessible text for people with dyslexia.

The season 2 of the M6 series Start-up Stories

Biomouv: empowering individuals for optimum health

Telegrafik: efficiently monitor vulnerable individuals at home and send alerts in case of an emergency.

Nanoé: improving access to electricity and boosting employment in Madagascar… for a start!

Robin des mers: reduce the amount of waste in our oceans.

OPISMS: through prevention and digital technology, we save lives.

Kokoroe: promote equal opportunity and access to employment. make it easier for farmers and producers to sell produce directly to their customers.

Bassina: clickfunding enables positive action projects to be funded in a simple click.

UMA: the first virtual reality museum that brings together the greatest works of art.

CanBank (ZeroPrime Technologies): instant rewards in exchange of used beverage cans or plastic bottles.

AEré: a service that enables any refugee to access employment regardless of their qualifications.

Coliba: technology for recycling plastic waste.

Hostabee: connected hives to save bees

Lifi-led: light up and connect, Africa is our duty!

AgroMarket: Africa can feed the world.

Magnasci: the air we breathe has a direct impact on our health. We make it visible.

Sunwaterlife: drinking water for all.

MiiMOSA: crowdfunding for agriculture and produce.

Jokkosanté: which created a virtual community-centered pharmacy, online and on mobile.

Too Good To Go: fight against everyday food waste and have fun.

Review the season 1 of the M6 series Start-up Stories

Afrimarket: supporting your family in your home country from abroad.

Smart Cycle: giving everyone the possibility to recycle and geolocate abandoned objects.

Drone Africa Service: providing medical care to isolated or precarious areas.

Jaccede: informing people with reduced mobility about the accessibility of public places.

Solarpak: connected schoolbags with solar panels to facilitate the learning process at home.

Chalkboard Education: mobile learning made easy.

RogerVoice: enabling deaf and hearing-impaired people to communicate by phone.

MedTrucks: Facilitating access to healthcare in the desert thanks to medical trucks.

Télé-irrigation: enabling farmers to remotely manage their crops via their smartphone.

Iconem: preserve threatened heritage thanks to 3D technologies.