Start-up Stories

Orange introduces Start-up Stories, a short series released on M6 that shines the spotlight on individual start-uppers who are helping the world to progress.

Orange, sponsor of the M6 series ‘Start-up Stories’

Start-up Stories on M6: Saturdays at 8.20 PM & Sundays at 8.45 PM

From September to October this year, Start-up Stories will turn the spotlight on individuals who’ve created their own start-ups from scratch.

They’ll share their stories, from the moment they had the idea through to the launch, as well as their vision and hopes for the future.

10 entrepreneurs, 10 individual stories, but all with one thing in common: their passion to help the world progress.


As a company who is always looking to support and highlight the most promising start-ups, it was an obvious choice for Orange to sponsor this series.