Support that’s proven to work

Marketing, financing, acceleration or even creating a new company: here are just some examples that Orange has offered to IoT start-ups.

Gallery of IoT start-ups supported by Orange

Hostabee: saving the bees

The pitch? A connected module that allows beekeepers to monitor the status of their hives in real time (geolocation, humidity, temperature…).

Hostabee (opens in a new window) receives technical and financial support from Orange, along with access to the LoRa® network.

Smart Pantoufles (smart slippers): helping the elderly

The pitch? A connected insole that detects any falls and immediately alerts relatives by SMS.

Smart Pantoufles was accelerated by La Ruche.

Icare Technologies: pay with your fingertips

The pitch? An ultra-secure biometric and NFC/RFID+ ring that replaces your credit card for contactless payments up to €600.

Icare Technologies (opens in a new window) was presented on the Hello Startup (opens in a new window) programme on BFM Business in partnership with Orange.

Dreaminzzz: connected hypnotherapy mask

The pitch? Make hypnotherapy accessible to everyone with a connected mask and app: to stop smoking, relax or sleep better with full autonomy.

Dreaminzz (opens in a new window) was presented on the Hello Startup (opens in a new window) programme on BFM Business in partnership with Orange.

Tele-Irrigation: remote agricultural monitoring

The pitch? An app that enables farmers to control crop irrigation remotely via their mobile phone and collect meteorological data in real time.

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Drone Africa Service: flying over obstacles

The pitch? Civil drones that facilitate access to disaster or hazardous areas, to map, monitor or provide care to people in difficulty.

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BOX2M: optimise your operational performance with IoT

The pitch? An ecosystem of smart meters to enhance the operational efficiency of energy, telecoms and infrastructure companies, optimising their operational and capital expenditure.

BOX2M (opens in a new window) was accelerated by Orange Fab Romania (season 1).

Telegrafik: watching over vulnerable people at home

The pitch? A telecare platform of connected services providing activity tracking and alerts thanks to data collected by sensors in vulnerable people’s homes or care homes.

Telegrafik was accelerated by Orange Fab France (season 2).

Orange Developer Challenges: bringing about projects and opportunities

Orange Developer Challenges are an opportunity for Orange to identify and support value-added projects. Organised around a specific theme, they invite participants to use technical solutions provided by Orange to meet the Group’s specific industrial and/or commercial needs or those of its preferred partners.

Solutions are presented to participants during the first kick-off. The teams then have three or four weeks to prepare before a final 48-hour workshop.

These events represent Orange’s support for IoT start-ups which includes:

  • a technical solution, through the provision of various resources including development and connectivity kits, dedicated APIs, data and device management platforms etc
  • input from the Group’s IoT experts, who provide tips, advice and co-development throughout the Developer Challenge
  • access to the Orange IoT ecosystem via numerous partnerships – large groups, media outlets, incubators, partner operators etc

3 examples of Orange Developer Challenges

Developer Challenge: Industry 4.0 –November 201

Organisers: Orange, Air Liquide & EDF

Themes: Air Liquide & EDF case studies around connected industry, security and training.

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LoRa IoT Challenge – January 2017

Organisers: Orange, Objenious by Bouygues Telecom & l’Usine Digitale

– Smart-agri with Groupama,
– Smart cities with Schneider Electric,
– Smart mobility with Colas.

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Developer Challenge: IoT Proximity Services – November 2017

Organisers: Sud Ouest, 1kubator & Orange

Themes: new proximity services and connected territories

Prize: acceleration, connectivity kits and Live Objects subscription

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Orange Developer Challenge, an ideal first step towards a partnership

The adventure continues after the Developer Challenges! Orange aims to nurture a dynamic community over the long term. This means our event veterans can continue to benefit from technical and commercial support through meetings organised by Orange.

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e-novACT: artificial intelligence and IoT applied to industrial SMEs

The three e-novACT co-founders met by chance at the Developer Challenge 2016, which was dedicated to industry 4.0, where their personal protection equipment based on LoRa® connectivity earned them first prize in the “Junior” category.

Thanks to this initial success, the three team members decided to found their own start-up and open the industrial IoT market (IIoT) to small and medium-sized players.

Today, e-novACT continues to benefit from various forms of Orange support. The first is technical, as their solution uses the Orange LoRa® network in France and the Live Objects platform. Secondly commercial with access to the Group’s business and industrial customers. Finally, the start-up can promote their offer at major professional events such as Viva Technology Paris. At the same time, e-novACT mentors other start-ups who are supported by Orange on their core business.

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The Jembo connected watch for the visually impaired

Yoann Mollard won the Developer Challenge dedicated to IoT proximity services held in Bordeaux in November 2017, with his connected watch project that enables blind and partially-sighted people to read information in Braille.

The Jembo watch works thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy beacon that sends transmitted data to a dedicated platform. This innovative solution was praised by the jury because it offers a real alternative to existing solutions by using contextual information. Designed in partnership with local stakeholders (associations, authorities, transport companies…) Jembo is representative of the types of IoT solutions we may see in the future that fully address the real needs of users and broader society issues.

Yoann Mollard has won various awards for this solution including several LoRa connectivity offers and a 3-month 1Kubator acceleration programme. Jembo will undergo its first life-size trial in Bordeaux, with the support of Orange.

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