Connecting innovators to the entire IoT ecosystem

For start-ups who are shaping tomorrow’s Internet of Things (IoT), Orange offers full support based on the expertise, technical resources and commercial network you’d expect from a leading operator.

How innovators are overcoming the complexity of IoT projects

Start-ups and developers enjoy the freedom and capacity to innovate, but they can still come up against complexity when it comes to their IoT projects. Managing an IoT project requires a global vision that takes the following factors into account:

  • the design and manufacture of connected objects
  • managing the connectivity and transmitted data, ensuring interoperability even on a large scale
  • end-to-end security for all devices, including both the connectivity and transmitted data
  • the development and integration of embedded software, and business applications where appropriate

It’s easy for a start-up with limited resources to see these stages as potential pitfalls and barriers to innovation. But thanks to Orange’s expertise in this field, it can offer concrete solutions and provide additional project support to start-ups.

Take advantage of resources from a leading operator

IoT start-ups that innovate with Orange benefit from technical resources such as a catalogue of certified devices and developer kits as well as connectivity and data management solutions.

Orange can even provide operational support in terms of design, security and certification plus access to numerous industrial partnerships around key IoT uses: individuals, home automation, the connected car, smart territories, health and manufacturing…

Orange and IoT in key figures

  • 14 million connected objects managed by Orange
  • 80 devices in the Orange Business Services catalogue
  • 160 million datasets processed each minute by Orange
  • 700+ IoT and data experts
  • 1,000+ security experts
  • 350+ IoT connectivity developer kits distributed (as of 2017)
  • 4 dedicated APIs
  • 5 dedicated hackathons & challenges