Our strategy

For Orange, identifying, supporting, and promoting innovators means working with them as closely possible, so as to best respond to their needs.

Our support package is therefore multifaceted and international, so that it responds equally well to requests for financing, technical expertise, human resources, and supplies.

Based on objective criteria, we carefully select the start-ups we support to ensure that they are working on innovations that will change the way our customers connect with their essentials in the future. All the support structures we provide them are designed to allow them achieve greater maturity to make available the greatest number of innovations.


Identifying talent means looking out for innovative minds who are creating the digital world of tomorrow today. Our ecosystem welcomes start-ups who have the potential to makes such changes.


We support start-ups by providing them with what they need that is to say financing for their projects via Orange Digital Investment (opens in a new window); accelerated development via Orange Fab (opens in a new window); access to our APIs via Orange Developer (opens in a new window); access to resources to complete their projects including IoT development kits (4G, LoRa), application tests at Orange customers, expert advice and feedback, and over 100 partners.


Promotion means providing start-ups with privileged access to our distribution channels, resources, local and international markets, special events, hackathons, competitions, and prizes such as the Orange Africa and Middle East Social Entrepreneur Prize, which is awarded to promising start-ups.