Women Start: Orange Fab France focuses on women entrepreneurs

Applications are open for the new Orange Fab France programme: Women Start. You have until 1st July to register and take part in this specific acceleration opportunity dedicated to women founders or co-founders of start-ups, which will begin in September 2018.

“Out of 100 applicants for our projects, 5 to 10% of them are women. Our current programmes are not recruiting enough. That’s why we had to go one step further and dedicated a programme specifically for female entrepreneurs.” It’s with these words that Pascal Latouche, Director Orange Fab France Director and coordinator of the international Orange Fab Network announced the launch of a new programme dedicated to start-ups, Women Start (opens in a new window). This acceleration opportunity is aimed specifically at women founders or co-founders of companies worldwide and will focus on helping them develop their business and activities.

In more detail, selected start-ups will benefit from management support throughout the acceleration period, the same services and benefits as the Original (opens in a new window) and Telecom Track (opens in a new window) programmes, the expertise of our internal and external mentors, €15,000 funding, access to the workspace dedicated to start-ups and high visibility.

The main objective of the accelerator is to sign a commercial partnership between the start-up and an Orange business unit.

A businesswoman and an innovative solution

So, where do you sign up? Wait a minute! To qualify, there are certain application criteria. “There are two main conditions,” explains Pascal Latouche. The start-up must have a female founder or co-founder as well as a digital innovation that enables meaningful progress for people, as everything we do has the human touch. Of course, it’s also necessary to propose a product or service that is already on the market or commercially viable.

Here’s a checklist to verify that your start-up addresses one of the following categories:

  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Business (Improvement of business process, HR, Communication…)
  • Connected Objects, IoT
  • Personal Data Management & Big Data
  • Cloud Services & Technologies
  • Content Aggregation (games, videos…)
  • FinTech (mobile payment, money transfers…)
  • Richer Communication
  • Cybersecurity
  • Education
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Solutions for internal and external events
  • Health

That’s it: all you have to do now is apply! You have until 1st July for your chance to participate in the first season of Women Start beginning in September.