VivaTech 2017, technology for people

At Viva Technology, technology is connected to society and the people who use it: the show’s mission is about making a positive impact, be it social, environmental, financial, human… As it comes to a close, VivaTech ends on a resolutely optimistic and humanistic note: that technology serves humanity and makes it better.

Training future inventors and entrepreneurs

Dedicating the last day of VivaTech to education and children is also a commitment to meet the challenges of these digital natives: to channel technology in a context of digital over-solicitation, adapt learning models and improve digital literacy. That’s why Orange created the SuperCoders project: to help young people understand that we can all be involved with technology, designing and not just consuming it.

SuperCoder seniors are no exception! For this edition of VivaTech, Orange also hosted 4 young entrepreneurs out of the 12 selected at Barcamp.

They presented their projects in front of an audience of professionals from the IoT ecosystem:

  1. Touch Lock, a biometric connected padlock that’s a useful accessory in cities;
  2. StreetyFood, an app to find the best streetfood;
  3. Essalog, a recruitment platform; and
  4., a platform for early-stage start-ups.

Building tomorrow’s world

Scientific and technological circles are often criticized in terms of equality. VivaTech has embraced the belief that the digital world is always better when there is an equal representation of women in it. That’s why VivaTech has forged partnerships with several networks – Women’s Forum, StartHer, Paris Pionnières… – to ensure a fair representation of women among key figures and throughout the event.

Equality is not just for show: in an era of transformation, as Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière points out, “We are building tomorrow’s world. For this world to be suitable for men and women of all ages and cultures, it must be constructed, considered and imagined by everyone.”

Making a positive impact: challenge accepted!

VivaTech is driven by a desire to highlight the most decisive technologies of our time, but also on how they fit into our everyday lives and society. The « Positive Impact Challenge (opens in a new window) », a competition that lasts throughout the event, aims to promote start-ups whose solutions have a positive effect on social, environmental and financial development.

On this last day of the event, 12 finalists pitched their solutions related to 4 themes: society, environment, work, and education. The winner for each category earns a free stand at Viva Technology 2018, and for the overall winner, a publicity and media campaign by Marcel (Publicis) and the Les Echos Group, with a total value of € 200,000.

Zephyr Solar (opens in a new window), a start-up hosted on the Orange Lab, has been awarded with the #PositiveImpact prize / environment for its solar balloon.

And it is Vendredi (opens in a new window) which won the #PositiveImpact main prize in addition of the one in the work category. Vendredi helps people to share their work time between their classic work and a mission in an association.