Viva Technology 2019 Challenges: registration is open

From 16 to 18 May 2019, Viva Technology opens its doors to start-ups for the fourth year in a row. You can join us at the Orange Lab with four free passes for the three-day event – just register for one of our ten challenges by 15 February.

Djingo, Orange’s smart assistant, is looking for original and unique AI services to enrich daily experiences for individuals and families.

Orange wants to identify AI solutions to accelerate Djingo’s learning on new cognitive capabilities such as:

  • Voice authentication (strong authentication).
  • Computer vision/image recognition: face recognition as well as object recognition.
  • Emotion analysis.

Create a link between parents and children around banking services and digital.

At Orange Bank, we want to create a new bank account exclusively for teenagers (12-17 years). There is an opportunity for us to cross sell banking (Orange Bank) and telecommunication (Orange) offers, so we’d like to create something that can help teenagers master banking processes. The service must be intuitive and playful for teenagers and parents.

Deliver high value added services that highlight the power of fibre (music, video, VR, gaming…) and premium IoT services to simplify our customers’ lives.

We want to increase the value of fibre and connected homes so that customers are happy to pay for premium services. With your help we want to launch services that encourage customers to migrate to fibre and benefit from greater bandwidth and speed… and also, services that enable full home connectivity (Wi-Fi or other protocols) to make life easier for our customers.

Connect all industrial native technologies (machines, sensors, unmanned vehicles and robots) to the IP Network and deliver services that optimise business processes.

We are looking for your expertise in industrial technologies to bridge the gap between our carrier grade integration model (IP, Network,) and field/plant operations. Technical solutions should focus on industry connectivity, and how unmanned vehicles can support connectivity, orchestration and optimisation.

Provide autonomy, comfort and security to people with disabilities and the elderly.

Enrich our products and services in the following areas:

  • Autonomy and safety, indoors and outdoors / home security and telesurveillance (fall detection, etc.).
  • Communication with relatives, helpers and third-party services.
  • Support for daily activities: fitness, coaching, cognitive and physical activity games.
  • Innovative adapted UX/UI (vocal assistant, AR/VR etc).
  • Adapted access to multimedia content and services, taking into account various types of disability (hearing, visual, gesture).

Provide innovative technologies to ensure security and trust in the digital ID world.

Providing a secure digital ID is a challenge across all online services to encourage the growth of B2B and B2B2C business. Building trust with partners involved in the digital economy is mandatory, but user experience and simplicity is just as important. Your proposed solution should cover many use cases:

  • (Explicit) authentication, authorisation and identification.
  • Risk based authentication.
  • Behavioural authentication.
  • Biometric authentication.

Develop new visual AI-powered services for enterprises, industries and institutions.

Increasing GPU power and growing volumes of images and videos have accelerated the development of AI applied to video analytics in order to extract insights from video streams and other image data sources.

However, cloud-based and embedded computer vision platforms solutions do not always meet business needs and often need to be customised for a particular use case or integrate with companies’ IT systems. From a technical point of view, these solutions must be able to be deployed in the cloud, on a business premises and/or on a range of devices (smartphones, cameras, etc).

Provide a smart and digital workspace through artificial intelligence.

As a trusted business partner, Orange offers companies a smart and versatile digital workspace in a secured cloud that facilitates access to both Orange services and also customers’ preferred Internet/cloud services and applications. This smart workspace should be intuitive therefore not require any specific knowledge, as it should adapt to users’ needs and behaviours through AI technology.

Develop useful and attractive services for travellers through a Customer Care app.

Enrich the content and services in our Customer Care app to help Orange and non-Orange customers optimise their leisure or business trip and help them at every stage of their journey:

  • Enhance travellers’ mobile user experience and satisfaction through a “My Travel” feature that addresses their key needs.
  • Use behavioural analysis to improve targeting for marketing (improve transformation rate) or economic purposes (programmatic ads).
  • Increase the usage of the app, while developing new income streams and customer loyalty.
  • Provide travel retail services to develop new income streams through the app.

Develop innovative and attractive services to answer the question: “what’s for dinner tonight?”

SEB and Orange have joined forces to build a new food ecosystem of players and experiences thanks to a platform of digital solutions. The starting point for the Open Food System platform is recipes – enabling the development of reliable, simple and pleasant cooking experiences. We are now looking to expand the portfolio to include:

  • Proposing personalised meals and step-by-step guidance.
  • Enriching recipes with value-added insights.
  • Simplifying the cooking experience.
  • Improving the ingredient shopping experience.
  • Enhancing food safety thanks to monitoring solutions.
  • Knowing more about the food you eat, from seeds to ingredients.

Such solutions may rely on the following technologies: semantic analysis, natural language processing, bots, recommendation tools, blockchain, etc.