The K-mIoT solution: Keep your head above water with the connected humidity meter!

What does K-mIoT offer?

Jérémy Modeste: The K-mIoT (opens in a new window) (K-moisture IoT) solution is aimed at private and mutual insurance companies.

When someone submits an insurance claim for water damage, the insurance companies have to send out a loss adjuster to assess the claim and measure the level of humidity in floors and walls. It is not possible to start renovation work if this level is too high. So the insurance companies have to wait and send the loss adjuster out to measure the humidity level again, possibly more than once, until it falls below the level required for work to commence.

For insurance companies, this type of claim involves:

  • More complicated scheduling of tasks
  • Extra resource and travel costs
  • Inability to predict response times

In order to remain competitive, these companies have to:

  • Keep insurance policies at reasonable costs
  • Improve margins on the services they offer
  • Increase innovation in their services

Jérémy Modeste
Pre-Sales Manager, France and International at K-T&S

To meet this need, K-T&S has designed and patented a connected humidity meter (K-mIoT) that uses the Orange network to connect to the K-iS platform in IoT mode. We use the Live Object platform for the LoRa network and the Live Booster platform for the Heracles 2G module, to collect the data sent by our equipment in the field. We process the information uploaded regarding the energy consumption of the batteries and the humidity levels of the surroundings for which the claim is being made and then make this information available to our customers.

This means we can benefit from:

  • The very low power consumption dedicated to the Internet of Things, based on LoRa® technology
  • A mobile 2G network

What have you chosen, specifically?

JM : K-T&S has chosen LoRaWAN™ and 2G connectivity, with the secure Live Objects platform from Orange Business Services:

What are the benefits of using the humidity meter in IoT (Internet of Things) mode?

JM: The use of the K-iS platform to upload and process, in real time, data regarding:

  • The recorded humidity level of the affected area,
  • Location,
  • Improvements in the time taken to set up and handle a claim
  • Level of electrical self-sufficiency (battery life) of our connected humidity meter
  • Automatic activation of on-site investigations
  • Continuity and traceability of data
  • Monitoring and activity reports integrated into the solution
  • Performance and quality of records

Combined with the K-iS solution, the connected humidity meter means that the entire response process can be conducted digitally:

  • Consolidation and secure retention of claims
  • Schedules for monitoring tasks and technicians
  • GPS localisation of response vehicles
  • Electronic signatures for approving work

Along with various related services depending on customers’ policies.

An example of the graph for monitoring humidity levels.

K-mIoT: What are its technical features?

The life cycle of a claim

JM: K-mIoT features a mechanism for attaching it to the material to be analysed and a humidity measurement sensor that is connected in real time.


The device, therefore, combines all the traditional functionality with accurate measurement of humidity in materials currently on the market.

And what does this mean, exactly?

JM: When a connected humidity meter is installed at the policy-holder’s property, the technician can use their digital interface (K-iS) to:

  • Obtain additional information about the claim
  • Link the humidity meter to the claim file
  • Maintain a timeline for monitoring each task
  • Approve the installation of equipment by the insurance company by using the Electronic Signature function

Integrated dashboards of the K-iS platform make it possible to:

  • Monitor the humidity levels recorded in the affected surfaces in real time
  • Monitor “claims management” activities more effectively
  • Track and trace all devices installed on policy-holders’ property and available in stock
  • Monitor the battery levels of humidity meters in real time.