[VivaTech] #TechForGood: the start-ups who impressed us

Ever since the event first launched, Viva Technology has always aimed to meet 21st century challenges by ensuring innovation helps as many people as possible. The Tech For Good summit, organised by French President Emmanuel Macron, brought together the tech giants, but start-ups weren’t left out! Here’s an overview of those that impressed us in terms of how their projects are making meaningful progress for people, the environment and society.

Public expectations of 21st century issues

During the Viva Technology 2018 public day, Orange surveyed visitors coming to the show by asking the question: “What is an innovation that matters to you?”

The answers are indicative of the expectations of an audience that feels as much a consumer as a citizen.

For everyone, innovation matters most when it includes education, the environment, urbanism and health…

Orange Sparkshow lights the fuse

The Sparkshow took centre stage on the Orange stand on Saturday 26 May. It was the chance for several start-ups from the incubators La Ruche (opens in a new window) and Bond’Innov (opens in a new window) supported by Orange to pit their projects to a jury of journalists, students and Orange employees. Some of them were offered help on the spot, in the form of technical support, visibility or mentoring.

Here are the ones that got our vote: 

Solinum (opens in a new window)’s mission is to deploy tools to fight the exclusion of vulnerable people and enable their reintegration.  

Un regard pour toi (opens in a new window) is an association that supports visually impaired people in their fashion purchases. 

Oniriq (opens in a new window) has designed Solarbox, a solar kit that provides lighting and power for family entertainment and electronic devices.

Watch Hayette Louail (Un regard pour toi) and Rodolphe Rosier (Oniriq) during their interview after the Sparkshow.

Start-up Stories: highlighting the start-ups who are moving the world forward

The public day was also an opportunity to announce Season 2 of Start-up Stories.

This programme, broadcast on M6, is dedicated to start-ups who want to move the world forward. For this launch, Orange and M6 gathered on stage to go behind the scenes of the show and welcome two start-ups:

  • SolarPak, who designed a school bag connected with a solar panel and lamp so schoolchildren can carry on studying at home,
  • Coliba (opens in a new window), an inclusive start-up that is focused on getting everyone recycling their plastic waste through a web and mobile app and SMS.

> Watch the programme Start-up Stories dedicated to SolarPak