Orange recognised in the French Tech Barometer

The results of the French Tech Barometer on the collaboration between large corporations and start-ups were unveiled on 8 November 2017. Orange has distinguished itself since the first edition in the Investments & Acquisitions category.  

Update on the cooperation between large corporations and start-ups

Founded by the French government at the end of 2013, French Tech (opens in a new window) supports the development of promising start-ups and the creation of jobs linked to innovation. In this context, large corporations and start-ups have developed a whole range of partnerships. French Tech launched its first barometer in April 2017 to evaluate the collaboration and partnerships developed between these two ecosystems. 

Start-up Investments and Acquisitions: Orange in the top 3

Orange has been recognised for its best practices as “start-up friendly”, agile and transparent in the Investments and Acquisitions category. Over the past three years, the Group has accelerated its investments into start-ups, whether through external venture capital funds or direct equity investments. Among the benefits for the start-ups supported by Orange: marketing and communication consultancy, business support and access to the Group’s data …

Orange Digital Ventures, the Orange investment fund, has for example invested in Actility (IoT network and systems management),  Famoco (leader in secure Android terminals) and the popular crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank, bought by La Banque Postale in June 2017. 

In terms of indirect funding, the Group has contributed to the development of companies such as Talend (opens in a new window), an open source software integration vendor floated on Nasdaq in 2016. These are just some of the real success stories that are bound to multiply!

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