Orange Fab Tunisia, season 1: bravo to the winners!

Orange Fab Tunisia was launched in early 2019 to complement Orange Tunisia’s existing training, employment and youth entrepreneurship scheme. This accelerator’s first season has enabled five start-ups to get their business to market quickly and internationally. Here’s a look back over this first successful season.

Orange Fab Tunisia: first corporate accelerator in Tunisia

Orange Fab Tunisia (opens in a new window) has a two-fold ambition. Firstly to identify start-ups in the Tunisian ecosystem that will enable Orange to develop products and services more quickly. Secondly to help Tunisian start-ups to build international business partnerships within the Group, through our Orange Fabs network and with our partners.  

With this in mind, twice a year Orange Fab Tunisia selects promising start up who are aligned with the Group’s strategic objectives: enabling digital transformation within our operating countries and offering our customers service excellence.

Start-ups: four criteria for Orange Fab Tunisia

Start-ups are selected according to their:

  • maturity: they must already have a product that’s marketed or marketable,
  • innovation: their product must be both digital and innovative
  • age: they must have been in business for at least 3 years
  • need: their product must meet the needs of an Orange business entity

Support focused on international growth

Selected start-ups benefit from a mentoring programme throughout their acceleration. Mentors work with them in several fields: HR, marketing, business strategy and more. The focus is on business development and signing agreements with Orange Group entities, subsidiaries or partners, locally and internationally. Accelerated start-ups can also make use of a fully-equipped co-working space as a base for organising meetings with customers and partners.

5 start-ups accelerated in 2019

During its first season, Orange Fab Tunisia supported 5 start-ups in different fields. 

  • Energy : The start-up Wattnow (opens in a new window) offers SMEs and large companies an IoT solution for monitoring electricity consumption to improve their energy efficiency. It will deploy its solution across 200 Orange Tunisia sites.
  • Artificial Intelligence : Hexastack has created Hexabot, a solution that allows the creation and management of chatbots. The Orange Tunisia bot will soon be launched using this technology and can interact with customers in French, Arabic and Tunisian dialect.
  • Beauty Tech : Tap4Glam, the “Uber of Beauty”, is an on-demand beauty services solution that connects professionals and customers, and manages reservations. Founder Maya Touati also helps women professionals in this sector become micro-entrepreneurs, which echoes Orange Tunisia’s own commitments and initiatives that support women’s empowerment.
  • Telecoms : RoamSmart provides roaming management solutions to operators such as the Orange Group and its 29 subsidiaries abroad.
  • Education : NextGen Corp develops innovative educational content in augmented and virtual reality for children. The Orange Foundation has trusted the start-up to translate the “Tsara” application for children with autism into Arabic and also create new content adapted to the Africa and Middle East region.

Mehdi Triki, cofounder of RoamSmart :

Orange Fab is focused on business acceleration and that’s what we needed to continue our development. Perfect timing !”


“We’ve developed a web application to make roaming easier to manage for operators in many countries: setting up contracts, pricing, reporting… This saves time and resources,” says Mehdi Triki, one of the founders. “Orange Tunisia was our first customer in 2014! It was therefore natural for us to apply for the first edition of Orange Fab Tunisia.” “The acceleration has allowed us to move up a gear in terms of international business development. Before, we had about sixty customers. Today, we have 86, including the Orange Group!” Mehdi continues. “For 2020, we aim to continue our rapid global growth and enhance our Unified Roaming Platform.”

RoamSmart has… 86 operator customers in 72 countries on 5 continents.  

“Acceleration has really propelled our international development.”

Nabli Ahmed, CTO of NextGen Corp

“Founded in 2013, NextGen Corp develops therapeutic and educational solutions for children. Our clients include parents, schools, clinics, therapy centres, kindergartens, hospitals and more…” says Nabli Ahmed. “Being accelerated through the Orange Fab Tunisia framework enabled us break onto the international market. It included support and skills development for our teams in marketing, contract management and negotiation. We were also put in touch with targeted contacts abroad, especially in Morocco. We’re now in the process of opening a subsidiary. 2020 will see us continue to expand across other countries!”

Next Gen has… 150 educational apps already created along with content accessible by 15,000 pupils through the Orange Foundation’s Digital Schools programme.

Want to take part in season 2 ?

Applications are open for the second Orange Fab Tunisia programme. You have until 22 September 2019 to register: