OGO Security on the front line against cyber attacks

Hackers don’t respect the lockdown! As with every exceptional event, cyber attacks have sadly multiplied with the COVID-19 crisis. To help SMEs and micro businesses deal with threats, OGO Security is offering its website protection solution for free.

How does your cybersecurity solution work?

Olivier Arous (cofounder and CEO of OGO Security) : OGO (opens in a new window) is the first protection solution for websites and web apps that relies on artificial intelligence and behavioural analysis. It requires no installation or administration. As soon as a website is registered on our platform, which is done in less than 5 minutes, our AI analyses user behaviour to distinguish valid requests and block any intrusion attempt. OGO’s goal is to make cybersecurity more accessible to everyone, especially micro businesses. Today, we’re present in France and Côte d’Ivoire, but we’re aiming to expand in Europe next year. Since the solution is available in SaaS mode, it is actually available everywhere.

As with every exceptional event, the number of cyber attacks has risen sharply during the Coronavirus crisis. Have you witnessed this phenomenon?

Olivier Arous : We have seen an increase among the sites we protect, yes. Hackers may be quarantined but it doesn’t stop them from malicious behaviour, on the contrary! What’s more, the current disruption to business life makes start-ups, micro businesses and SMEs even more vulnerable to computer attacks. That’s why we decided to offer our website and web app protection service (opens in a new window) to all small companies who request it until 30 June 2020.  

Once the crisis is over, do you think your relationships with your partners will change on a broader scale?

Olivier Arous : The crisis is highlighting people’s best attributes and the solidarity between everyone. At OGO, caring has been part of our corporate culture since we launched in 2018. With the Coronavirus crisis, we’ve really been able to put it into action. Today, we’re no longer just forming business relationships but relationships based on mutual aid, and our teams are involved with all their hearts! What is certain is that strengthening our relationships, internally and with our partners, will continue well beyond the crisis.    

Orange and OGO Security, a solid relationship that is overcoming obstacles

“Orange has been very responsive. My contact at Orange Fab (opens in a new window) called me on the first day of lockdown to ask me how he could help and support me. Our Orange Fab Teams ensure our tests are continuing, along with our business relationship. They’re also giving us advice on financing and cash flow so that OGO Security comes through this crisis period with the fewest possible difficulties.”