Join the Orange Lab at VivaTechnology 2018

The Viva Technology tradeshow is the place to be for digital innovation, and this year’s event will be held in Paris from 24 to 26 May, 2018. Orange is offering you the chance to promote your start-up!

The place for collaboration and open innovation

For the last three years, VivaTech has brought together thousands of innovative start-ups and investors from around the world, and Orange will partner the event again this year. The objective: to foster synergies, promote discussion and encourage digital players who are inventing future services and uses. The Group will present its start-up ecosystem, some of which will be present at the Orange Lab, a special space created for the occasion. Don’t miss out, your start-up could join in, and there’s no time like the present to get started!

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Interested in joining Orange at VivaTech?

If you’d like your start-up to be one of the 6,000 innovative companies present at the tradeshow, take part in our challenges to become part of the Orange Lab.

  • Challenge 1. Africa and Middle-East, the new territory of fast growing Innovation?
    Mobile services are widely available in Africa and the Middle East, where the population is young and creative. The region is poised to become the next world leader in digital innovation. Here is your chance to offer new mobile services based on Orange APIs and the latest innovations: chatbots, IoT, blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more.
  • Challenge 2. Wellness Gamification Program: let’s go, move your body!
    Orange already offers wellness IoT solutions. The challenge now is to engage the user to change his habits. Why not propose games and applications that encourage everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle through connected objects, whatever the context: sport in business, tourism, wellness…
  • Challenge 3. How to address my B2B agricultural challenges via mobility situations?
    Agriculture is currently going through its own digital transformation. New tools are needed today to better manage daily tasks. Now you can propose mobile applications that exploit data to optimise production in medium and large farms.
  • Challenge 4. Djingo, more than a digital butler, is your new best friend at home!
    Djingo, Orange’s smart assistant, is looking for chatbots services to transform the day to day personal and family experiences. All types of services that can bring more convenience to people’s live at home.
  • Challenge 5. It would be great if the TV screen becomes more than a TV
    Creating new apps on TV & catch-up services relying on new data flows. Ocast, the open source ecosystem for TV.
  • Challenge 6. Future of Work
    Reinventing workspace, tools, device, apps, work habits, relationship, connectivity, professional attitude and resource management in a seamless broadband connected world.
  • Challenge 7. Insurance, savings: Imagine smart solutions !
    Orange Bank is a 100% mobile bank offering an account, a debit/credit card, a mobile payment solution, a bank book and a bank advisor available 24/7. All these services are free.
  • Challenge 8. Deliver impact in the society with digital
    Projects which support and foster inclusion, social interactions, well-being and security for the elderlies and the disabled people in their daily life.
  • Challenge 9. Video games have become networks dependent.
    A high quality connection is needed to enjoy the full gaming experience in all its dimensions. Whether you need to select, download, update, buy, access, play online, chat with your game mates or even stream your favorite game.

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To join us next May, please send in your application now by completing our online questionnaire.