How Orange promotes women’s entrepreneurship: in France, in Africa and in the Middle East

The Group supports many start-ups in many different ways all around the world. The ambition is to help 500 start-ups by 2020. In particular, Orange encourages women’s social innovation and entrepreneurship, because innovation has to come from men and women in order to address everyone’s needs in society!

Despite progress made in recent years, there is so much more that can be done in terms of women’s entrepreneurship. In the world today, only about 20% of start-ups are founded by women, and overall they raise less funding than men.

In France (figures from the Final Report – Attractiveness of digital and engineering professions for women in France, study conducted for Syntec Numérique (member of OPPIECC), February 2016):

  • 30% of digital roles are filled by women, a strategic sector for new jobs and professions.
  • among them, 16% are developers.
  • and only 12% run start-ups.

In Africa and the Middle East, Orange is particularly active in supporting female innovation:

  • In Arabic African countries, the proportion of businesswomen in tech is revealing: 25% of start-ups are founded or run by women, compared to 17% in the United States.
  • In Africa, many women reinvest their income back into their community (up to 90% of their income).

That’s why Orange has implemented several initiatives to support women entrepreneurs, particularly in France, Africa and the Middle East.