How Apizee facilitates remote working and telemedicine

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, many companies have had to improvise to ensure business continuity. Apizee has opened up its video-based collaborative work solution to as many people as possible.

What solutions do Apizee offer and who might benefit from them?

Michel L’Hostis : With Apizee (opens in a new window), we offer real-time communication and collaborative tools to all companies, not just office-based professionals. Our platform hosts videoconferencing, telemedicine and even remote visual claims expertise for insurers. The solution is highly flexible so it can adapt to business needs. In addition there is no software installation required: everything is done from the web browser. Available in France, Italy, Germany and the United States, we’re focused on continued international development and deployment.

Lockdown measures have increased the need for remote communication and collaboration between professionals. What can you offer to help them?

Michel L. : From the start, we opened up our videoconferencing solution to everyone We responded to the Open Solidarity project, initiated by a big name in cloud computing, which identifies and centralises offers for company-company assistance during the health crisis. We also wanted to support our partner, GCS e-santé Bretagne (funded by the Brittany Regional Health Agency) by helping doctors to access the remote consultation solution we developed for them.

Many companies are having to support mandatory working from home. Do you think this crisis will permanently change working methods?

Michel L. : For sure. Previously when we talked to our prospects and customers about the benefits of remote collaboration in terms of increased business efficiency and reduced carbon footprint, they listened to us but hesitated to take action. Now that they are having to adopt these tools and use them extensively, they’re seeing the benefit. All usage barriers are being lifted.

Orange and Apizee: a partnership based on listening and mutual aid

“From the start of the crisis, Orange called us to find out if we had particular needs. We joined the Orange Fab last year and were supported in terms of HR, promoting the Apizee brand and business… We’re now benefiting from regular and useful support.”