FittiCoin turns sports activity into cash donations

Founded in 2018, the Jordanian start-up FittiCoin encourages users to adopt a healthy lifestyle by tracking their steps. While the majority of the world’s population were in lockdown, FittiCoin adapted its solution with the help of an Orange app (opens in a new window) to support the Covid-19 relief effort for the most vulnerable communities. The start-up’s co-founder Watheq Saffarini explains more.

What does the FittiCoin solution offer?

Watheq Saffarini

Watheq Saffarini : FittiCoin (opens in a new window)is a mobile app that promotes a healthy lifestyle. It tracks people’s steps and converts them into an e-currency called “FittiCoins”.

The user is awarded one FittiCoin for each 1,000 steps. This currency can be converted to vouchers or discounts that can be spent with partners. For example, 50 FittiCoins translates to a free drink for each drink purchased.

In Jordan, this is not a common practice so it’s a big challenge to attract partners. We’re currently working with around 80 partners, from restaurants to toy stores and cosmetics brands to personal trainers and nutritionists etc. 

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect your business and operation?

Watheq Saffarini : Since March 2020, health has become the number one priority, so our business has been booming. Our collaborative business model has led to four new partnerships, one with a famous roastery. Internally, the health crisis has led us to review our processes. We had to think about how to deliver the rewards that were earned during the lockdown, which was totally outside our core business for the time being. In the end we worked on setting up an integrated delivery system that could be offered to partners and users. The moral of the story is that you can always be more agile and flexible than you first thought!  

How have you adapted your solution to the current context?

Watheq Saffarini :  In Jordan, many day labourers have lost their jobs overnight. That’s why we made it possible for our users to donate their FittiCoins to help the relief effort. Orange welcomed the idea and during the lockdown matched the donations along with the government to the tune of JD 5 (USD 7) for every 100 FittiCoins donated. This is a unique way to encourage Jordanians to stay active while supporting the most disadvantaged communities. In total, more than $4,000 dollars was raised.

How are you preparing FittiCoin for the post-Covid world?

Watheq Saffarini : It is still too early to say. Retail is experiencing real challenges and some of our partnerships are still pending. On the other hand, some want to deepen their collaboration and boost their footfall and engagement rate.

What’s more, we’d like to use our improved reputation to forge partnerships with banks and insurance companies. The challenge is to prove to these large organisations that our technology is up to the task.

Orange and FittiCoin: a collaboration that’s accelerating quickly!

“We joined Orange Jordan’s Business Innovation (opens in a new window) Growth (BIG) accelerator programme, working closely with high level, committed and attentive stakeholders. The Group also provides us with increased visibility making it easier to engage with new users, partners and investors. It’s a great programme, and a commercial success. Orange is about to integrate SIM card and data rewards into the FittiCoin offer!”