FastPoint revolutionising how we watch mobile content

After working for fifteen years in new digital services R&D at Orange Labs Caen, Vincent Auvray founded his own business and is now president of FastPoint, a B2B2C start-up that develops kiosks for ultra-fast content downloads. From airports to cruise liners, railway stations and public transport hubs… FastPoint is attracting a variety of transport companies.

“If were to sketch out today’s consumer, there’s no doubt it would be with a smartphone on their hand. Buying things, banking, home management, information, entertainment… everything happens through a digital interface. This phenomenon has profoundly changed the lives of “Homo digitalis”, who are used to having instant services at their fingertips whenever and wherever. They can’t cope without connectivity. But in the case of public transport, whether land, air, sea or underground, any disruption to the 4G service reflects negatively on the transport operator.

Through an entertainment (VoD, music, games) and information (magazines and newspapers) mobile content service, FastPoint enriches the passenger experience and improves their satisfaction. As part of a B2B2C approach, we offer operators (SNCF, urban and regional public transport authorities, airlines, airports, ship owners, cruise liners…) a turnkey solution which is customisable, easy to implement and autonomous.

The FastPoint solution is based on three technical building blocks: core servers that provide content aggregation and security, local servers that cache and broadcast the various media over WiFi, and FastPoint mobile applications available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Passengers can use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to access the content catalogue via on-board WiFi. Available via local streaming (a dedicated captive portal without the need for a mobile app) the content is secured through the Apple and Google DRM (Digital Rights Management) that we implement internally.

Created within Orange Labs Tokyo, the project was further developed by Orange France between 2014 and 2015. It has undergone several pilot tests: at Heathrow Airport, and at three Total service stations on the A13 in France (one free film for each full tank). They were a hit! In 2016, I took over the Orange licence to launch my own start-up, as I firmly believed that the service met a market need. Supported by the Orange spin-off programme at the Orange Digital School, I started marketing the FastPoint service. Publicis went on to deploy the first kiosk at the end of 2017 at the Aix-en-Provence TGV station and then a second at the Saint-Lazare metro station in Paris. A dozen new kiosks are planned for 2019. We’re also continuing to negotiate with film studios and distributors to expand our catalogue. We firmly believe that by offering diverse and high-quality content, FastPoint will become an integral part of passengers’ daily lives.”

“I started marketing the FastPoint service supported by the Orange spin-off programme at the Orange Digital School”
Vincent Auvray
CEO and founder of FastPoint

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