Emerging job roles in AI

The boom in artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing about a host of new roles. New skills are actively being enlisted by start-ups to design, develop and program AI. These will be the top 5 roles in AI by 2020… if not before!
AI Data Developer

The role: they use the collected data to feed, ‘teach’ and improve the AI. They understand AI programming languages and are experts in machine and deep learning. They help data scientists to create apps and AI interfaces.

Cognitive or AI Engineer

The role: they create software and apps that are capable of solving complex problems and reasoning with near-human logic. The goal? Use this intelligence to support people in their business activities (e.g. robotisation of tasks, automation of industrial processes) or leisure pursuits.


The role: they are responsible for the ethical dimension of artificial intelligence. They design the algorithmic rules to ensure the AI, in the way it learns, respects the fundamental values and principles of human rights (freedom, responsibility, diversity etc).

Personality Designer

The role: they design the personality traits for the AI to help it learn and collaborate better with humans. The end goal is to make it more human-centric. In French, this role is known as a “psydesigner”.

AI Writer

The role: they write the script that matches the personality traits of the AI. They model the profile established by the pseudo-designer – behaviour, vocabulary, rhythm patterns, relational elements – to create the right emotion. A little bit like a screenwriter. In French, this role is known as an “egoteller”.

30 years ago, they would have been: maths teacher. You’ll find them on: Meetup. Their pseudonym is: Mr Fantastic.

30 years ago, they would have been: a Minitel engineer. You’ll find them on: Github. Their pseudonym is: Iron Man (alias Tony Starck).

30 years ago, they would have been: a lawyer. You’ll find them on: LinkedIn. Their pseudonym is: Daredevil

30 years ago, they would have been: a psychologist. You’ll find them on: Instagram. Their pseudonym is: Jean Grey (alias Phoenix)

30 years ago, they would have been: a writer. You’ll find them on: Medium. Their pseudonym is: Tornade.

In France, 5,300 researchers are already working on AI in 268 public and private research teams, according to a report by the #FranceIA published in early 2018.

So will you be recruiting a researcher in AI or machine/deep learning soon?