AI, our everyday helper

Gogowego is a software start-up that enables businesses and other organisations to offer their customers an enriched conversational experience through artificial intelligence (AI). It’s built around a virtual assistant (voice or text) that can understand any question and respond appropriately. Its Proximity solution is already used by banks, cities, transport networks and even Orange! Its co-founder, Antoine Aaamarcha, explains how AI can make our lives easier.

Artificial intelligence is now part of our daily lives, sometimes even without us realising it. When you make an online payment, the system will make sure there’s no fraud. In a more visible way, when you chat online with your energy provider’s technical support, you’re filtered through an AI system that qualifies your request to direct you to the right person. And of course, AI is the engine that drives your smartphone’s voice assistant. I firmly believe that AI can go much further.

I am drawn to using this technology because for me, it will be the best way to eradicate illiteracy or even poverty in Africa. Indeed, I think artificial intelligence can be the best teacher: a virtual assistant who understands its student’s needs and can repeat each lesson tirelessly – after all, learning is all about repetition!

It was this belief that led me to create Gogowego (opens in a new window), which focuses on designing virtual assistants, interconnecting them, and then optimising them. This is how the Proximity platform came about, which is able to understand a voice or text-based request and answer it effectively. It enables the development of “basic” assistants that are dedicated to particular functions, and then it interconnects several of them to create a meta-assistant that can handle several problems. This super assistant is continually learning to offer ever more relevant answers.

Proximity is used by Orange, banks, cities, and transport networks… AI is used within the assistant to help guide people to websites, or within social media or apps, and can be integrated into connected objects. It will make every day easier: that’s the role of AI!

Of course, some people still see AI as a threat, but I’m really positive. I see AI as a tool. A tool can’t be dangerous on its own; only the way that it’s used. Most importantly, AI offers its user an “augmented person”, one that’s more responsive, relevant and fast. Why not use it? Tomorrow, AI will be ubiquitous, so it’s an opportunity, and I’m really proud to participate in this (r)evolution!”

“An intelligent voice assistant, one that’s able to understand and respond to any question effectively, will be the best way to teach people to read and right with infinite patience!”
Antoine Aamarcha
Gogowego co-founder

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