20 start-ups join us on our Orange stand at MWC Barcelona

MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA, takes place between 25 and 28 February 2019. This year, the theme is “Intelligent Connectivity”.

We’ll be joined by 20 start-ups on our stand at MWC Barcelona. All come from our ecosystem and have benefited from one of our support initiatives: Orange Fab networks (our accelerator programme), funding from Orange Digital Ventures, entrepreneurship projects and more… They all have one thing in common: working on projects related to artificial intelligence, 5G or IoT and closely collaborating with our Group.

Being present on our stand should give them greater visibility with our partners and our various Group entities on a wide range of topics, and also facilitate networking.

When to meet the start-ups on our Orange stand:

  • iFarming: “Phyt’Eau” combines IoT and Agriculture for real time simulation of crop’s water requirement and prediction of irrigation doses.
  • Influvisio: Designs, produces and implements video sensing solutions for industry 4.0, with an exclusive focus on process manufacturing.
  • Key Infuser: Conceive and develop robotic innovative solutions.
  • SensingLabs: Simplify and speed up IoT services development.
  • FollowAnalytics: Helping customise your mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Itank: Real-time, cloud-based tank monitoring system and analytics platform which enables customers to monitor their liquid tanks.
  • Africastalking: Unlock the potential of mobile communication networks across Africa.
  • Seabex: More efficient for your garden, better for the planet.
  • Smartly.AI: Equip every connected object with a voice interface.
  • SensingLabs: Simplify and speed up IoT services development.
  • Brastorne: Connecting the Unconnected!
  • CommuniThing: Guides users to the nearest parking spot and maximises operational efficiency for parking managers.
  • Adeunis: Manage and optimize your assets & services through Adeunis connected solutions.
  • Neovigie: Offers a full set of features for security.
  • Empath: Emotion AI in the age of the voice.
  • BIZAO: Monetises and easily distributes services in Africa.
  • Asta Lab: Monetises and easily distributes services in Africa.
  • Joy Telecom: Global IoT operator.
  • Transbox: Data control service and platform.
  • Mahali: A key solution for supporting the development of e-commerce in Africa.
  • ClePC: Orange’s Clé PC will enable users to access a PC from anywhere.
Watch the interviews of the start-ups on the Orange booth:

Africa’s Talking: “We are really proud of the fact that right now we have over 5000 SMS and start-ups who use our communications and payments infrastructure”

Follow Analytics: “We provide deep customer insights to improve the user experience within the applications and websites”                                                                                             

Adeunis: “We think that IoT is very tricky and very new market and that’s the reason why we need the partnership with big players that are experts in their area”

CommuniThings: “We were the first to launch commercially in a city over Narrow Band IoT using smart parking for the whole city centre”

Sensing Labs: “For us it’s kind of recognisation of the job we have done, and also the opportynity to show the offer we have built with Orange”

Asta Labs: “We are very happy to cooperate with Orange, I think that every start-up should think about it”                                                                                             

Neovigie: “It’s a big chance for us because it gives us the opportunity to meet a lot of people from the GSM world”

Brastorne: “We currently have 700 000 people using our platforms to access to internet in Botswana”

“Taking part in the detection of start-ups for these Business France Awards at the MWC is a great way to associate ourselves to the French Tech”
Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière
Deputy CEO and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer
This year, the Business France Awards @MWC19, in partnership with Orange, STMicroelectronics and Air France recognised four innovative tech companies. We met with Tempow, one of the prizewinners, who also took part in season 6 of Orange Fab France:

You received one of the four Business France Awards at MWC19 Barcelona – the Start-up Award. What innovation, technology or service were you awarded for? 

Tempow received the “Start-up Prize” for its new product Tempow True Wireless Earbuds (TTWE).

Tempow aims to develop the best Bluetooth software technology for True Wireless Earbuds. These are Bluetooth-style earphones that were made popular by Apple through its Airpods. True Wireless Earbuds are unanimously considered the future of audio. At Tempow, we now have everything in place to develop the best Bluetooth architecture for creating True Wireless Earbuds, even among the largest suppliers in the sector. We can advance the performance of current architectures in terms of stability, synchronisation, battery consumption, component reduction and therefore price.   

What projects is Tempow working on in the short term?

Tempow is developing its own Bluetooth Stack. This is a basic software package that enables Bluetooth to work. In addition to performance improvements, the Tempow Stack has the advantage of being modular, hardware agnostic and plug-and-play. The goal is to build on this Tempow Stack to develop and deploy a wider range of products. We’re targeting new markets including automotive, healthcare and connected devices.