1st promo for “Women Start”: ready, let’s go!

More than 300. That’s the number of applications we’ve received for the Women Start accelerator programme this summer. And today, we’re delighted to welcome the 9 winners of season 1 to join Orange Fab France.

An accelerator programme dedicated to women

Women Start helps the founders of start-ups around the world to develop their business and activities.

The ultimate goal is to sign a commercial partnership between the start-up and an Orange business unit.

To take part, the start-up must offer an innovative digital solutioneither already on the market or marketable – that can help people in their daily lives.

An initiative of Orange Fab France, Women Start is part of the “Orange Incentives” programme launched in various formats to encourage women’s entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in France.

9 winners in the starting blocks

Two come from Africa and seven come from the French ecosystem.

  • Adalong, in social marketing, with Clémence Demerliac,
  • Brastorne , in m-Agri, with Naledi Magowe,
  • Caysti, in the education sector, with Arielle Kitio,
  • Citeazy, in pedestrian ecomobility, with Alma Guirao,
  • Cohapi, in workplace well-being, with Nesrine Smati,
  • Fifty, in artificial intelligence, with Alexia Cordier,
  • GeoKaps, in social media sales, with Hélène Lucien,
  • Key Infuser, in robotics and digital marketing, with Domitille Esnard-Domerego,
  • Numevent, in digital event solutions, with Géraldine Auret.

Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Group, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

And now, they’re supported by Orange Fab

  • From today, these lucky winners will benefit from full Orange Fab support, which includes:
  • Managerial support throughout the acceleration period
  • Very high visibility
  • Expertise from our internal and external mentors
  • €15,000 funding
  • Access to our workspace dedicated to start-ups at Orange Gardens…

Orange Fab France is part of a network of 14 Orange Fabs located across 4 continents worldwide. To date, more than 350 start-ups have been accelerated through this programme.