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  1. Ah-rum Choi, Marketing Manager at Dot: “My name is Ah-rum, I’m the Marketing and Sales Manager at Dot. Dot was established in 2015 and is located in Seoul, […]

  2. Africa is in the spotlight at Viva Technology 2018! As one of the cornerstones of the event, Afric@Tech will bring together start-ups, investors and businesses at the forefront […]

  3. Find out more about the start-ups in our Lab Africa’s TalkingAfrimarketApizeeAskHub (opens in a new window)Ava (opens in a new window)Azendoo (opens in a new window)Bbox (opens in […]

  4. The acceleration programme “The Achievers, Tech For Good”, hosted by La Ruche, aims to help start-ups founded by women entrepreneurs. This is a programme that’s all the more […]

  5. Peggy Dirson, social psychologist and “wellness developer” created Cortex Insulaire with the aim of helping everyone to free their potential within the workplace. The consulting firm, hosted at […]