#FemmesEntrepreneuses: a tailor-made programme for businesswomen

This year, the second season of #FemmesEntrepreneuses will once again support 100 women who are starting out on their business adventure. To encourage their start-up’s development, Orange is offering personalised and accessible support in all French regions and French DOM-TOMs.

Local support where it is needed

Through its #FemmesEntrepreneuses programme, Orange aims to meet the specific needs of each start-up.

The support can therefore take many forms:

  • Space at a modern and connected business centre as close to home as possible, such as the Orange Campus in Marseille, which is available to Orange Grand Sud Est participants;
  • Tailor-made coaching to resolve a specific problem such as training run by Orange IDF to improve customer-supplier relationships;
  • An invitation to take part in events such as ChangeNOW or VivaTechnology, or prestigious local events throughout the Nord et Grand-Est, or Grand Ouest regions;
  • Feedback sessions and workshops organised with other start-ups run by #FemmesEntrepreneuses;
  • Commercial development, with the possibility of testing their offer in Orange shops during Start-up Days.

#FemmesEntrepreneuses: an expert and local programme

To encourage female entrepreneurship, Orange supports 100 leaders selected from all French regions and territories.

The #FemmesEntrepreneuses programme is unique in the way it brings a wealth of experience to businesswomen. Each year, during each new season, Orange organises more than 30 business workshops (digitalisation, personal branding, business plan, cybersecurity etc) and involves more than 150 coaches, mentors and experts throughout France.

This diversity makes it possible to support a variety of profiles, from pure technology to the social and solidarity economy, foodtech as well as culture, education or leisure – in fact all sectors are represented.

How to register

Because the programme is tailor-made, everyone can approach their local contact to find out more or get involved.

Here is the list of #FemmesEntrepreneuses contacts for each region:

DO Ile de France

Frédéric Havard : frederic.havard@orange.com

Juliette Bohm : juliette.bohm@orange.com

DO Grand Ouest

Céline Doublet : celine.doublet@orange.com

DO Grand Sud Ouest

Julien Anselme : julien.anselme@orange.com

DO Grand Est

Christian Landomiel : christian.landomiel@orange.com

DO Grand Sud Est

Christophe Guion : christophe.guion@orange.com

Davy Coateval : davy.coateval@orange.com

DO Caraïbes

Daniel Boutrin : daniel.boutrin@orange.com 

DO Réunion Mayotte

Cathy Fontaine : cathy.fontaine@orange.com