[VivaTech] Make the most of pro and public days: show tips

VivaTech offers three days of innovation and technology from dawn to dusk, and it’s important to make the most of them. After two days dedicated to business (Thursday and Friday), Saturday 26 May is dedicated to the general public. How do you switch from one to the other to get the best results with the least hassle?

Pro vs public days: the 3 main differences

  • Different target: these are two very different sets of people in front of you. If the first two days are dedicated to large organisations, VCs and start-ups, Saturday is open to all including families, kids and teens. It’s a different atmosphere, but always resolutely optimistic and tech-savvy.
  • Different agenda: if the pro days are all about networking and the conference programme, Saturday is packed with demonstrations and new experiences so that tech lovers both young and old can understand what’s around the corner. See the detailed programme (opens in a new window).
  • Different priorities for start-ups: the public day is above all an image and communication challenge for start-ups. The objective is to raise awareness and get good publicity, which can be a challenge!

Public day: how can it benefit you?

  • Is your business mainly B2C or B2B2C? you don’t have to choose here as you can test your product with all potential (end) users. It’s an opportunity to get a huge amount of feedback, which is always a good thing.
  • One target may hide another: a VC may actually arrive as someone’s Dad, or a future partner as a student, or a future employee as a school pupil… so stay open and attentive.
  • Out of the mouths of babes: kids and teens are relentlessly demanding and honest, and therefore and excellent audience to practice your pitch to. If you win them over, you’re on the right track! If not, you’ll have to rethink your pitch, which is a good exercise to go through.
  • You’re also a member of the public: take time out to discover the latest immersive virtual or augmented reality experiences and meet the drones and robots that will soon become part of daily life.

5 tips for engaging the public

1. Adapt your pitch… and your stand! Don’t talk to an investor the same way as to a family, so make sure you don’t show them the same thing either.

2. Capitalise on the experience: If you presented a product demo during the pro days, think about how to make it even better on the Saturday. Ask yourself how you can make it more fun, engaging, simple and accessible to the budding new target on the day.

3. Give it all: if you have printed leaflets, merchandise or business cards specifically for VivaTech make sure you give out all your surplus stock. Visitors will bring it back home with them or pass it on to friends. Word of mouth can be very effective!

4. Think what content you can produce: children reacting live to your products, teenagers who are absorbed in your demo, parents who are testing your app with their kids… take lots of photos and video to share on social media (with their agreement of course). Guaranteed likes!

5. Relax in a good-natured atmosphere: after two intense days, you deserve a little fun.

Public day at Orange: see what’s on the programme!

Come with your loved ones to discover our pop-up Solidarity FabLab, which facilitates the insertion of young people into society thanks to digital. Why not take part in our Sparkshow, during which 5 or 6 start0ups pitch before a jury who will press the buzzer if they’re interested.

For the first time this year, there will be 10 children aged between 12 and 14 reporting live from the show, so catch their VivaTech videos.