Viva Technology 2017 – highlights

Orange is back for the second edition of VivaTech in Paris, the place to be for innovation right now. You can’t be there, no problems! A hashtag to follow #OrangeStartup and a program to follow: the live from VivaTech recorded during the event.

The debrief

The speakers joined us on the Orange set for a debrief in 3 min.

The networks

With the current explosion of connectivity needs, how are networks coping?


How to anticipate the evolution of customer uses, technological breakthroughs and new business models of the digital economy?

IoT / Lora

With 750 million new connected objects in the world at the end of 2016, we’ve entered the era of connected devices and associated data. How to take up the challenge and offer answers?

Interview of Thierry Bonhomme

Find out more on Viva Technology with the interview of Thierry Bonhomme, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Orange Business Services.

Luc Bretones and Reminiz

Luc Bretones, EVP Technocentre & Orange Vallée, shares the stage with Reminiz to focus on Open innovation.

Interview of Pierre Louette

Find out more on Viva Technology with the interview of Pierre Louette, Deputy CEO, Orange General Secretary.

Women in tech

Three women who work with digital technology share their vision on the place women can take when building tomorrow’s world.

Discover the start-ups

The start-uppers explain you their stories, what are their goals and which path they will follow to succeed.


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Drone Africa service

Find out more on Drone Africa service


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