Orange Barcamp: Entrepreneur Developers!

What is a Barcamp?

A Barcamp is an open meeting, which takes the form of interactive workshop/events where content is provided by participants who contribute to Barcamp. Participants put on the event to encourage collective brainstorming. It follows the principle: “No spectators/all participants”.

The Entrepreneurs Barcamp Seine St Denis

Orange hosted a Barcamp on 17 May 2017 at Orange Eastview at Bagnolet with young graduates from the Saint Denis neighbourhood so that they could discuss their desire to innovate and start a project. Orange helps them by giving them the tools they need to innovate which can be applied directly to their project, and supports them until they bring it to fruition.

The Entrepreneurs Barcamp Tour

Orange is planning to follow this first Barcamp with another two or three by the end of 2017. These will be hosted in different companies, with the purpose of bringing along 5 exceptional projects.
Also in the line of focus, Orange will initiate as many young people as possible from priority neighbourhoods into entrepreneurship by sharing innovation methodology resulting from Orange best practice and networking with local entrepreneurs.


Viva Technology 2017 pitches

Already, following this first edition of Orange Barcamp, we have invited 7 young people to our Vivatechnology booth. They represent 6 digital projects that they will pitch in front of a panel of investors, start-ups, professionals, manufacturers… everyone involved in the international start-up ecosystem.

Touch Lock

A connected padlock accessory for city dwellers with connected biometric functionality.

Speaker: Zora Younsi



An app for locating the best street food, dual service for consumers and restaurant owners.

Speaker: Mohammad Maqbool


Legal Tech

Online legal resources platform for international clients at unbeatable prices.

Speaker: Osman Han

Online specialists for due diligence of the start-up.

Speaker: Abdoulaye Doucoure



Platform for animators, who can take advantage of new digital video functionality.

Speaker: Maimouna Kebe


An interactive kiosk

for food donations, bringing together humanitarianism, digital and collaboration.

Speaker: Samira Akoumar & Nadia Essaadi