CES 2017


This start-up, based in Sophia-Antipolis, which is known for its illuminated, connected wristband, has integrated its technology into the Paris brand Wize & Ope’s sneakers. Wize & Ope uses the lights in the soles of its shoes to create personalized animated sequences, making its shoes unique. Customers can download different light sequences from a catalogue to match the feeling of a place, a piece of music, a brand, or a team. This technology is similar to that used for mobile phone ring tones.


The start-ups supported by Orange that will be present at the CES

To represent the Orange Fabs old guard and the richness of French innovation, Famoco and Plussh will have their own spaces at the CES.
Another of our start-ups, Momit, from Orange Fab Spain’s second season, has received the 2017 CES innovation prize in the “Smart Home” category.



Famoco sells attack-proof and secure terminals to traveling salespeople and other workers. Ticket control, payment, identity verification, or maintenance… anything is possible thanks to the Android environment used by these applications. Their use, however, is restricted only to those services deployed by the client company.
Famoco has been selected for the third season of Orange Fab France’s support program.


Plussh is a professional application that allows the creation of live videos in HD quality from a simple smartphone. It has numerous livestream options (full HD, control room, incrustation logo). Live streaming (and replays) can be integrated into any platform including your own website.

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Momit Cool is a device that allows air-conditioner owners to easily control them remotely by managing and changing their settings via a smartphone, from either at home or on the road. This device is very useful, for example, for starting your air-conditioner before returning home. Gone are the days of air-conditioning your home when you are away. You can just restart your air-conditioner using a dedicated smartphone application before returning home from the office. It also comes in handy, for example, if you have forgotten to turn off your air-conditioner before leaving the house.