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Project owner's name :
Mr Abdoulaye Maiga
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What problem does your company want to solve? :
Transportation bottlenecks limit economic development. Moto-taxi is expanding but the industry is informal: low-quality safety for the passenger and pressure on drivers (costs, low-quality bikes).
What solution does your company provide? :
Lease-to-own approach for drivers to acquire quality and low-fuel consumption bikes after 2 years while working for Teliman. An app connects them with passengers and allows them to use mobile payment.
Describe your project :
Teliman launched the first on-demand taxi-moto service in Bamako, Mali connecting urban commuters with professional drivers (trained, equipped and fully insured). The company recruits and trains drivers creating a formalized force of trained franchisee drivers, they are around 180 drivers in total at the moment. Teliman takes a daily-flat fee from the drivers (to repay the bike and use Teliman’s platform) while each driver collects 100% of the end-user payments for rides. This way end-users also have the choice to find a ride: by booking on Teliman’s mobile app, or, as it’s been for ages, by waving at a Teliman driver in the street. The innovative approach ensures passenger safe (equipment & safety), lowers operation costs, enables ownership of motorcycles for drivers, and ensures the transparent collection of tax revenues. With this model, the drivers are Teliman’s main customers. They have access to a mobile app which enables them to be connected in real-time with their potential customers (a user app also exists) and also allows them to pay via mobile money. The company creates job opportunities in the formal sector, thus contributing to professional reintegration and economic empowerment for the many unemployed young people of Bamako. Besides, 10 women drivers have been recruited thanks to the recently launched program, Teliwoman.
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