Project owner's name :
Mr Tebogo Mosalakatane
Country of deployment for the project :
Sector :
What problem does your company want to solve? :
Majority of pets such as dogs and cats get lost or go missing and never returned to their rightful owners in time because they don't have some form of identification.
What solution does your company provide? :
A QR code identification tag which can be scanned by any smart phone in case your pet goes missing and contains your pet critical information such as colour,pet owner contacts,illness allergies, etc
Describe your project :
It is every pet owners nightmare to have their pet get lost and not finding it quicker and easier for their companion to be returned to them well in time. QR code id tag is a metal or plastic engraved with a QR code that can be worn around your the neck by your pet.This tag can be scanned by any smart phone provided you have downloaded the qr code app on your phone and contains critical information about your pet. When scanned the person can access this information which then displays on the phone make it easier and quicker to contact the pet owner instantly in case of an emergency. It is estimated that a small percentage of pets lost are returned to their owners. This gives pet owners peace of mind and security knowing that their pets are safe and secure.