Project 2000

Logo :
Project owner's name :
Mr Abdul Aziz Mansaray
Country of deployment for the project :
Sierra Leone
Sector :
What problem does your company want to solve? :
The problem we are solving are: 1. Severe Hunger. And 2. Malnutrition
What solution does your company provide? :
Our solution are: 1. Production of rich fresh fruits and vegetables. And 2. Consistent and timely delivery of rich fresh fruits and vegetables.
Describe your project :
Project 2000 is an agtech company that grow, package, and deliver rich fresh fruits and vegetables to our target customers. We are a business to business company. We are also an agroprocessing company. We provide customers the best service that allow them to make order for their products through our online platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Project 2000 Ltd Website, Via email, and Grocery App or through our door-to-door marketing. We also provide an e-banking system for customers to make financial transaction through our Orange Money and Mobile Banking App. We sell base on quantity of goos bought. On Mondays to Thursdays customers ordered for their products online or during our door-to-door marketing. On Fridays all orders are stopped and process list forward directly to farm for harvest, package, and free transportation delivery service to our target customers every Saturdays. This process is done every week.