Passion Freelancers Stations

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Project owner's name :
Mr Hashem Al-Alem
Country of deployment for the project :
Sector :
What problem does your company want to solve? :
- Unemployment and lack of opportunities especially for disadvantaged groups. - Lack of digital technology engagement that facilitates work - Raise the awareness level of Self employment culture.
What solution does your company provide? :
Providing free, high-quality technical training on Freelancing fields to create opportunities in various fields and to encourage self-employment to those who are threatening to lose their jobs.
Describe your project :
We are at Passion Academy using our experiences in training and consultant field at several general and specialized fields we aim to train a large group of youth & women on Freelancing fields such as: Graphics designing, Translation, Programming and websites developing, Photography, Montage and video editing, Digital marketing, Social media platform management, Data entry, and other fields. We also aim to create job opportunities for those who master training by linking them with a wide range of customers using integrating digital technologies solutions such as a new website for freelancers or mobile application (Android, IOS) allows them to display their products/ services and its prices, as well as offer a special evaluation of the service provided by Freelancers to potential customers. Moreover, The training aims to create basic or additional job opportunities that improve income for disadvantaged groups such as people as unemployed, poor families, people with disabilities, refugees, etc. And encourages self-employment culture to them in addition to give them the technical skills in which the employee accompanies technological developments. Also and related to social impact, other several free trainings will be provided to eradicate technical literacy for women and young childrens and to ensure that they possess technical skills starting from the use of computer, internet, and smartphone applications to raise their life efficiency and to help to solve their challenges