Mmabo App

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Mrs Boitumelo Situmbeko
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To this time we continue to see issues of safe pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal care for both the mother and the baby, which is quite disheartening. In these recent troubling times of the COVID-19
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The Mmaabo App is a web-based application is developed to provide a platform where pregnant women can be offered support throughout their pregnancy and even after childbirth and safe from covid-19.
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According to studies carried out by the United Nations, special care and support need to be provided to expectant mothers in all stages of their pregnancy. However, major concerns arise when ensuring that prenatal and postnatal healthcare services are offered to pregnant women in such a way that they are not at risk to exposure to the COVID-19 virus while queuing to get medical attention at the health facilities. Due to the coronavirus disease being a relatively new challenge to the world at large, studies and research around it are still ongoing with its impacts on pregnant women and their babies being highly likely as they are obliged for regular check ups.