Liberian Girls in Technology

Project owner's name :
Mrs Erica Davies
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Sector :
What problem does your company want to solve? :
Youth Employment
What solution does your company provide? :
We will employ them and help society.
Describe your project :
Liberian Girls In Technology is for the promotion of technology entrepreneurs, providing a technology hub and training for the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. With a focus on STEM education, we are looking to empower women and girls with adequate skills to access the job market and create access to learning and opportunities! Girls in Technology is a series of specialty programs. The ITAVA Technology is an incubator to train motivated individuals while also giving the tools to excel the different areas that is lacking in communities. ITAVA Technology programs: Technology for Social Media Networking, E-Learning, and S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M Children's Programs Science Lab /Traveling Demonstrators. These programs will cater to a wide scale of people to provide training at their level. The ITAVA Tech for Social Media Marketing Impact program aims to train young Liberians social media skills, coding, how to set up a digital profiles and development skills to build applications that solve real problems while creating jobs via internet. This program will create networking opportunities The E-Learning will be one of the demonstrated service to community for quality educational opportunities online and worldwide to empower young girls and women promote innovation through technology usage by focusing on business development training, Course creation, seminars, lectures, and technology courses. Around the world, environments like this have created transformative i