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Mr Moitshepi Bernard Mabotseng
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What problem does your company want to solve? :
Mass loss of jobs due to Coronavirus Shortage of quality tech professionals and It is a concern Difficulties to find jobs by people living in remote areas
What solution does your company provide? :
Afrilance aims to create an online platform where freelancers will join, get hired for gigs online complete and deliver them online with no need to meet clients in person.
Describe your project :
Afrilances’ services streamline the entire buying and selling process for freelancers and customers. We allow freelancers to outsource a large part of market and we provide customers with one stop market for services. Afrilance will reduce capital expenditures of a company or individuals that use their services, increase customer service of the freelancer, increase sales opportunities, increase revenues, and improve inventory management. Customers will benefit by having a convenient, easy way to buy services. Both sellers and buyers have to be on-board and we will go all the way to meet their expectations. The company offers a platform for freelancers to provide or render their services, Afrilance ensure smooth transaction and business between a buyer and a seller. A buyer identifies and pay for a service, Afrilance keeps the payment, the seller delivers the service then Afrilance pays the seller. We are a middleman between a seller and a buyer, to be successful both buyers and sellers has to be on-board! Afrilance will create a pool of freelancing categories that will allow many freelancers to join.The categories will be explained and listed in the business plan.