How Orange supports start-ups

At Orange, we are working to make technological innovation a vector for sustainable human and economic development. To achieve this, we are constantly creating new services that simplify everyone’s daily life. And we do this in close collaboration with innovation players for greater creativity, efficiency and economic impact.

Helping to fund innovation
When it comes to supporting entrepreneurship, we’re a major player in global innovation. We finance and subsidise global tech champions and innovative business projects in the Middle East and Africa. We also focus on sustainable and responsible activities.
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Supporting the digital ecosystem around the world
We help promote the digital ecosystem through a range of start-up support programmes. Through our network of 17 Orange Fabs, active on four continents, we provide seed funding to start-ups in the initial phase of their business. Among other initiatives, we also promote social entrepreneurship, in particular through the Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa & the Middle East.
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