Promoting means offering the start-ups privileged access to the markets, but also providing them with visibility among their target audiences in the international arena. 

A unique power  

By co-building with the start-ups, the aim is not only to accelerate their project and their success, but also, and above all, to accelerate the provision of services for Orange customers.

Thus, the final stage of the partnership between Orange and the start-ups is the integration with the services offered by the Group, enabling them to benefit from the Group’s international promotion and distribution channels to reach their target markets.   

Local and international circulation

  • A strategic point of contact between customers and innovative solutions, the distribution network is the key for gaining visibility. Orange offers successful start-ups privileged access to its physical and digital distribution channels, and to its local and international markets.
  • The power of a group like Orange is international. This is the starting point for the creation of Go Ignite, an alliance bringing together the telecommunications players Deutsche Telekom, Singtel, Telefonica and Orange, with all four committed to an incubation period for the fledgling firms. The key is a potential market of over one billion customers. 
  • Orange also offers the start-ups media visibility, as they can present their projects and problems on the Hello Startup program, broadcast on BFM TV and BFM Business. A powerful driver to raise awareness among future customers and investors.    
  • Orange also provides visibility for the fledgling firms through the organization of events. Like the Orange African Social Venture Prize organized by the Orange Entrepreneur Club, which offers six months’ support and the filing of a patent in the country of the competition winner.

Our start-up promotion initiatives

Go Ignite

In supporting start-ups with international ambitions, Orange has joined up with other major telecommunications players to offer them access to a market of over a billion customers.

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Orange Fab

By capitalizing on an international network, Orange Fab takes an interest in start-ups that have already developed a product or service, with the aim of giving them a boost.

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Hello Startup

By offering a platform to start-ups looking for visibility, Hello Startup offers the fledgling firms a driver for making themselves known to customers, partners and investors.

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Orange Entrepreneur Club

With strong expertise in local issues, the Orange Entrepreneur Club supports entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East.

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French Tech

Orange is associated with the “French Tech” label, which allows French start-ups in particular to expand internationally. 

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Orange Partner

Depending on the extent of our collaboration when you integrate our solutions, we propose a wide of promotional opportunities from straightforward digital promotion, to integrating your offers with our own products and services and even distribution in our physical and digital boutiques.

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