Identifying firstly means anticipating and pinpointing changes to digital uses, then selecting the start-ups most likely to drive them and integrating them into our ecosystem. 

New uses, new technologies

The Internet of Things, mobility, connectivity … Digital technologies are shaking up increasingly wider areas of activity, promoting new ways of thinking about industry, agriculture and education...

Faced with these changes, users are also adopting these innovations more quickly. They constantly demand more simplicity, mobility and effectiveness.... To connect them more easily to what matters to them, Orange is combining the agility of innovative start-ups, to anticipate new uses and place the most relevant services for its customers on the market.

Uncovering digital nuggets

To anticipate new digital uses and sponsor the most cutting edge start-ups to provide an answer, Orange deploys all its offshoots on an international scale!

  • But prior to this, Orange research and innovation, which is structured through the Orange Labs, explores areas as diverse as mobile financial services, volume of content, mobile payment and artificial intelligence… Then Orange bases the selection of the start-ups that it will support on this forecasting work.
  • Imagine with Orange is the platform for open innovation and sharing ideas. Not just any ideas, but ideas about business and technological innovation. It now aims to provide a service tailored to the start-up community.
  • The project selection process is also done through Orange Digital Ventures which uses proactive sourcing to identify the start-ups and determine the economic viability of the projects in accordance with the Group’s strategy. And what’s more, the Group has stakes in many other investment funds other investment funds with key market players.
  • Orange Fab, the Group’s global network of start-up accelerators, selects its protégés through calls for applications initiated locally by its 12 branches spread across four continents. At each session, between two and seven start-ups join the local Orange Fab program.

Our start-up identification processes

Orange centers for research and innovation

The starting point for co-innovation, Orange centers for research and innovation capitalizes on its many in-house skills in order to highlight the innovative solutions that our customers need.

  1. The Orange centers for research and innovation

Imagine with Orange

Startups and entrepreneurs, test your concept with the Imagine community and collect feedbacks from 56 countries!

  1. Imagine with Orange

Orange Digital Ventures

Dedicated to financing fledgling firms, Orange Digital Ventures keeps a constant eye on the world of start-ups.

  1. The Orange Digital Ventures website

Orange Fab

By capitalizing on an international network, Orange Fab accelerates start-ups that have already developed a product or service.

  1. The Orange Fab website

Incubators in Africa

Orange has introduced a new type of incubator in 5 African countries: Senegal (CTIC), Mauritius (EBENE), Niger (CIPMEN), Mali (CREATEAM) and Guinea (SABOUTECH). They were designed based on horizontal, inclusive governance, combining the public and the private sector, and civil society... It is precisely on this co-creation that the originality of the model designed for the emergence and development of VSEs/SMEs and start-ups resides.

  1. Discover Orange’s actions in Africa