A new generation of car manufacturer, making customizable, scalable cars.

XYT provides a new platform for industrial, digital and local innovation, one that frees the car from its restrictions and allows manufacture and innovation in a different way. All you have to do is sign up to have the chance to design new vehicles, to develop new embedded mobile apps, or to create new assembly and maintenance workshops.

Simon Mencarelli, Co-Founder and CEO
Marc Chevreau, Co-founder, Chairman and Head of Innovation

XYT's innovative approach

XYT allows its customers to configure and/or design vehicles tailored to meet their needs and their desires. Thanks to the highly modular nature of its vehicles, to the simplicity and agility of its industrial model and to digital enhancements, it is now possible to create your own customized vehicle.


Number of vehicle parts

1 hr 40

Record time to assemble the vehicle (20 people)

XYT's challenge

The Internet of Things, thus the connected vehicle, is a top priority in terms of Orange’s development strategy. Numerous partnerships have been established with a variety of players in the automotive world, and with its electric vehicle concept and associated platform, XYT offers a relevant alternative.

Hervé Bodilis, Head of Innovative Projects in the Ile de France


Orange facilitated the setting-up of a pilot car-sharing project in the Rambouillet Territoire urban community thanks to the quality of the relationships forged with the community, and the linking-up of various technical operators, which enabled 5 XYT vehicles to be used.

A collaboration was set up between OrangeLabs Lannion and XYT.


  • XYT aims to develop quickly, first nationally in France, then abroad. Initially, XYT focuses on direct sales for accessible B2B markets before widening its ambitions to include individuals.
  • XYT aims to become the leading platform for open vehicle innovation on an industrial scale.
  • XYT is ahead of all the new players currently forming around open platforms/modular vehicles. (1-2 years ahead)