Sharing TV content on social networks

In 60 years, TV hasn’t evolved much. With Wildmoka, we want to make it truly interactive: viewers can cut clips from shows they have enjoyed and share them on social networks. No more sitting passively in front of the screen!

Thomas Menguy, Co-founder of Wildmoka

Wildmoka's innovative approach

Based in Sophia Antipolis and Paris, Wildmoka offers video content broadcasters a Cloud platform capable of transforming any video source into enriched, interactive content that is compatible with social networks. Accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the platform makes it possible to edit all TV broadcast content in real time and share it on social networks. This means users can watch again, enrich and share excerpts that matter to them, while the TV channels can make the most of their content on social networks or monetize their archives.

€1.5 million

in sales for 2015


employees in 2015

1 million

users in 3 days for the ‘bref. Canal a 30 ans’ app

Wildmoka's challenge

For its first steps, the toddler Wildmoka made a big impact: it emerged from the CanalStart incubator (Canal+ group) in 2015 to launch the bref. Canal a 30 ans app. The result: 1 million people used its services in 3 days! A promising start, which encouraged the start-up’s ambitions.

Eager to offer ever more innovative services and pursue its development, Wildmoka wanted to link up with a major European telecommunications operator to make a definitive move to a bigger scale.

The integration of the Social Sharing service into Orange TV is a successful illustration of the open innovation approach between a major operator and a start-up. Using the technology provided by Wildmoka, we are able to offer a functionality that creates a perfect marriage between TV and social networks for a true multi-screen experience.

Luc Bretones, Director of Orange Technocenter and Orange Vallée


The TV Clipping service, which was presented at the 4th edition of the “Hello Show” in early 2016, will enable Orange subscribers to instantly post short broadcast clips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all in real time and via a true multi-screen experience.

Exclusively available in Europe, TV Clipping was co-created by Orange and two partners, Wildmoka and Dotscreen, in an Open Innovation approach. Orange has thus integrated the Wildmoka technology to transform any video source into a delinearized, enriched, navigable and social content in real time.

Outlook: international ambitions

Fortified by the partnerships it has already forged, and by a recent fund-raising round that brought in €2 million, Wildmoka now has its sights set on the export market. Its international expansion could begin with the USA, where there are large numbers of TV broadcasters.

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