Virtually Live

Virtually Live is a revolutionary, immersive technology which sits between attending a live game or event and watching it on TV.

Our patented media system uses optically-tracked statistical data and transposes it into a virtual venue, enabling users to pick any viewing position whilst interacting with fellow fans. Stakeholders from the Sports, Music and Live events industries can monetize their events through virtual ticket sales, targeted marketing and other new revenue streams.
Virtually Live has a strategic partnership with STATS, and has offices in San Francisco, London, Switzerland and Spain.

Neubert Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer

Virtually Live's innovative approach


Our platform allows users to interact with each other from anywhere in the world.


Individuals are allowed to go anywhere in the entire experience whether it be in the stands, VIP or on the pitch.


Our technology enables individuals to watch any live event in real time from the comfortable of their own home.


With the proliferation of VR as a medium, Orange will be in position to include virtual reality viewing to its content offering. Virtually Live is perfectly positioned to deliver live sports and event content directly to Orange’s tech savvy consumers with our HTC relationship.

Outside of sports and events, VLive can partner with Orange to create customized VR experiences showcasing Orange products and services.