The indestructible backup for your corporate data

Having a fleet of several million box in which billions of gigabytes are available allows us to create a giant virtual data center without any additional costs of construction and maintenance, all in a 100% Green IT.

Christophe LAIRE - Founder & CEO

Ugloo's innovative approach

Ugloo is a hybrid backup solution that bypasses datacenters. In addition to its enhanced security on flows and external storage in fragmented data, Ugloo slashes the cost of storing cold data since it relies on collaborative or existing infrastructures, within a Green IT environment. 

2M Tb

available on boxes


of files are never reopened


resilience = Indestructible

The challenge facing Ugloo: flattening the cost of storing cold data

Orange provides Ugloo with a datacenter and box infrastructure helping it to enhance the sustainability and security of data stored in the datacenter, reusing boxes as an additional storage space and thus developing new customer services with high added value and at lower cost.


After acceleration at Orange Fab, we got in touch with Orange Lab, with whom we are currently scaling the potential of Ugloo (internal, business customers and the general public) 

Outlook: CDS (Cold Distributed Storage)

  • Ugloo is becoming an alternative to the storage of cold data.
  • Currently marketed as an appliance, Ugloo will be available by the end of 2016 as a PC Vault version (storage on customer PCs).
  • Our fund-raising will help enhance our B2B sales significantly broaden our deployment at international level.