Connected toys to communicate with children

Our original idea was to create a link between parents and their children who are not yet old enough to own a smartphone. We therefore came up with the idea of a connected toy with a personality, which can evolve daily with content created by the parents. The dolls speak with the children and call them by their first names… Our challenge is to create the toys of the future!

Gauri Nanda, Co-Founder and CEO of Toymail

Toymail's innovative approach

After its successful crowd-funding campaign, Toymail offers fun and educational connected toys that allow children to communicate with their parents without the use of yet another screen. The toys are connected via Wi-Fi and transmit audio messages recorded via a smartphone iOS or Android app, allowing children to respond and converse via their toy. The platform is also linked to a Cloud store that offers many types of content suitable for children (stories, songs, lessons, etc.) that parents can buy and send via the app.


dollars raised on Kickstarter in 2013


toys sold since  early 2016


dollars in revenue in 2015

Toymail’s challenge: Reach for the clouds

After a market-based, two-year beta test phase, Toymail now offers a mature solution and an enhanced range of products and services. The start-up’s challenge is to develop its dedicated app store and make it accessible to the greatest number of people.

After a successful launch, Toymail has an innovative and very promising solution. It has a relevant response to our customers’ needs that has not yet been met by other market solutions: communicating with their young children.

Pierre Louette, Deputy CEO of Orange


At the end of 2015, Toymail was selected for the 5th season of Orange Fab US and benefits from the services of the Orange Silicon Valley accelerator. This support has allowed the start-up to grow its business model: Since sending messages from the mobile application was free, it only had to monetize its service.

Outlook: new products, new markets?

In 2016, in order to accelerate its growth, Toymail launched a new line of Talkies products that fully take advantage of the app store concept. This expansion of its product range should allow it to conquer new markets, in particular since the partnerships it has formed with major content players such as Amazon will allow it to improve the range of products and services it offers in all countries.

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