Télécom Santé

Imagining tomorrow's healthcare facilities!

Focused on changes to the health market and the challenges facing healthcare facilities over the coming decades, our company has established itself from the outset as a digital partner for healthcare facilities.
Driven by its flagship product “MédiaScreen”, our company is continuously innovating to meet healthcare facilities' needs. From our communicating bed to home-based hospital care, welcome and guidance terminals, as well as patient geolocation, our company is constantly innovating in contact with its customers.
Improving patient services, simplifying internal processes, optimizing the day-to-day for medical staff, ensuring effective control over costs and providing the best digital innovations for our customers is part of what we do each day.

Sébastien Duré, CEO

Télécom Santé's innovative approach


Télécom Santé’s revenues in 2015. Double-digit growth is expected to be confirmed in 2016!

Over 1,500!

Number of beds already equipped with the MédiaScreen solution in France!

Innovation Award

The Communicating Medical Bed won the Innovation award in the 2015 Loading the Future Awards!

Télécom Santé's challenge

Télécom Santé's core business covers the development of software solutions, the integration of these solutions into the network and the operating of services for healthcare facilities.

The challenge was to penetrate the healthcare market with innovative solutions that deliver benefits in terms of efficiency and performance for healthcare facilities.

Developed through Orange's digital spin-off program, Télécom Santé won the innovation award in September 2015 for its communicating medical bed project in the Loading the Future Awards, organized by the Images & Networks division. With the creation of its Orange Healthcare subsidiary, Orange has confirmed its ambitions in the healthcare sector.

Stéphane Rivoallan, Digital Spin-Off Coordinator


The aim is to build a partnership with Orange to market Télécom Santé's solutions within the framework of Orange's healthcare strategy.


Télécom Santé is developing various digital solutions making it possible to improve the lives of both patients and medical staff. The company is harnessing the most advanced technological tools (touch screens, environmental and medical sensors, communications tools, etc.) to cover all the stages in an innovative lifecycle.

Over the coming months, the challenge for Télécom Santé is to continue with its innovative work, while maintaining its customers’ very high satisfaction levels and setting out to conquer new markets in France and internationally!